Saturday, 1 August 2015

Top 5 - New Worlds Wanted in Kingdom Hearts 3

With the Kingdom Hearts 3 hype train chugging along at a great rate and more information coming every (few) month(s), here are my top 5 worlds wanted in Kingdom Hearts 3.

5: Dragon Quest/ Final Fantasy themed: I'm surprised we haven't had one of these yet. With a more mature style of game being expected, bringing in some characters from Square Enix's vast history would be nice. It could be one of the tutorial worlds or near the end (as these are normally original worlds anyway) and could change the battle system (similar to Re:coded).

4: Disney Infinity: a game within a game so to speak. In the specific art style of Disney Infinity, each zone is a smaller version of worlds you have previously visited. This could even be a minizone in a world such as Toy Story with Sid pulling the strings with his new playset. Also, who wouldn't want to get a Disney Infinity Sora character!

3: Frozen: this is basically guaranteed given the films massive success and it could actually work. The added power of the PS4 and Xbox One could bring the ice lands to life with mini bosses being the evil within Elsa's heart and Marshmallow, followed by the big boss of Prince Hans heartless. You could even revisit the world - like in Kingdom Hearts II - and have a mini level based on Frozen Fever.

2: Treasure Planet: one of the best, but under-appreciated Disney movies ever could finally be given the recognition it deserves with its very own world. Fancy solar surfing around the, now, open-world, attacking pirates and finding treasure much like the Pirates of the Caribbean world. Jim would be a great partner as well and the comedy between Donald and Dr. Delbert Doppler or Goofy and B.E.N would be hysterical.

1: Inside Out: now this would be interesting. One of the most unique films to grace this decade could make for one of the most unique worlds. You are Sora and travel through the minds of characters such as Donald and Goofy, Axel, Riku, Xehanort and finally Kairi (each perhaps, representing an emotion), learning about their innermost feelings and plans (except for Xehanort's which would be clouded). Dark thoughts become enemies and you always have the fear of falling into the memory void... This would be one cool world.

That's it for my top 5. What would yours be? Comment below ideas for this soon to be great sequel.

Thanks for reading, Satamer.

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