Monday, 24 December 2018

First Impressions Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

A new challenger approaches! And it's... all of them? That's the first thing you'll notice about Super Smash Bros. Ultimate - just how much content there is.

Wednesday, 19 December 2018

Review No. 145 Mr Shifty - PC (12+)

Strong Points:
Great art style
Tongue-in-cheek humour without resorting to vulgarity
Teleport (Shifting) technique
One hit deaths add suspense...
Can pull off great moves
A large array of items at your disposal
Shift Meter adds risk and reward
A short, easily digestible game...
Satisfying combat

Weak Points:
...But can also lead to frustration
A few oddly placed checkpoints
Removing the ability to teleport to make the game artificially harder
...Which still suffers pacing problems
A tower block doesn't make for the most interesting environments

Saturday, 1 December 2018

Video Game Character of the Month - December 2018 - Clem - Warframe

Video Game Character of the Month
December 2018
So, Clem what do you think about earning this prestigious reward?
Ah, yes, it really is a high honour, and most deserving to
Oh, you want to thank some people?
Your Grakatas. You want to thank your Grakatas?
Okay then.
And now, some more information on the enigma that is Clem.