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Games, Apps And Reviews brings you all the latest (or not so latest) reviews on apps. games and other media as well as a host of other features including:
In-depth reviews of games/apps on a host of Nintendo, Xbox, PlayStation, PC, Apple, Android, Kindle Fire and Windows Phone platforms, as well as reviews of the consoles they are played on,**
Film and TV Show reviews,**
First Impressions on all the latest games that we've played,
Monthly video game character biographies,*** 
The (brief) history of gaming, 
Rants about the less loved games and conventions of the gaming world,
Hints, tips and walkthroughs, 
Live Blogs/Recaps of gaming events,
Cheat codes, 
Weekly video game quotes,
Clash of Clans - Talmera Clan news and information,
Comments on various gaming and technology related events, news and happenings,
The occasional piece of news from the gaming world,
Behind the Team - get to know the team!

And who is it that brings you all of these amazing features? Typewriting Goombas? (More impressive once you realise that they don't have arms). Nope it's the staff of Games, Apps and Reviews!: 

Satamer (19 years old): 
The creator of Games, Apps And Reviews. He will bring you reviews and features about games (including the weekly quotes) from most consoles and makes sure that the website runs smoothly. He also chronicles the adventures of us via Live Blogs to gaming events with some help (especially when he's not present!) He is also in charge of the Facebook and Twitter pages as well as the YouTube Channel with some help from everyone else.

Harry Penwell (19 years old): 
The secondary admin of Games, Apps and Reviews. He will bring you reviews and features about games from most consoles as well as most of the app reviews. He is also in charge of the Leaderboards and Clash of Clans - Talmera Clan pages. Finally, he has completed a complete (albeit condensed) history of the generations of video games and writes the monthly video game character biographies. 

Martin Collins (18 years old): 
An author for the website with a healthy appetite for all things Nintendo (as well as a side portion of PC games). 

Euan Mitchell (18 years old): 
An author for the website with a love of Xbox and PC games... and ranting. 

Olimg (18 years old): 
An author for the website with a love for Xbox, Nintendo and PC games with a special place for the sci-fi genre. He is also the manager for the Steam Group.

Thomas Stacey (18 years old):
Our resident coding expert, Thomas will be writing various posts about whatever springs to his mind as well as helping to add new gadgets and gizmos to the blog. From gaming, to building a PC, Thomas is an all-out PC gamer, with a top-notch (at least it was at the START of 2015) gaming PC. 

Now, with the Guest Blogger feature, you can submit your own reviews and posts to us for moderation and posting!

All of our posts and comments are moderated (and our game reviews are age rated). Our biggest hopes and dreams are to become your new favourite gaming website and to help you decide what games are worth getting and which aren't as well as helping you have some fun reading about our chosen medium. Now, we'd best get another post done...

If you want to be a guest blogger or have a game which really interests you and you want to tell us about it then email, tweet or Facebook message us with the links in the Links page.

*While some developers may and do send us games/apps to review, this does not affect our scores or reviews*

**(The ratings may be subject to, occasional, change. The reviews for some games may also be updated as new content is released). Also, the age ratings given to games are, occasional, guesses as the information is not available.**

***Some spoilers included. Furthermore, all VGCOTM (and other) posts try to reference and thank the various sources that we use but if we miss one then please don't hesitate to let us know and we shall fix it as quickly as possible***

Thanks for visiting the website and we hope you enjoy!


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