Wednesday, 24 September 2014

25,000 Views Extravaganza! *faints*

OMG! (Oh My Games) we did it guys! Mario, Master Chief, Kratos, Gordon Freeman, Pac-Man and Red the Bird (we serve all here) have left the building! Jokes and clichés aside thanks to everyone for helping us get to this all-important mile stone (1/4 to 100,000). From the writers who work tirelessly (they say) to get the reviews to the readers who read and respond to all these posts (it's the circle of gaming) thank you. And with all the cheesiness out of the way, next comes the stats:

With Martin and Euan sadly departing from the blog we now have 225 posts at the time of writing (73 game reviews and 68 app reviews among other features) with more on the way including more reviews, more (up to date news), VGCOTM's, walkthrough's and live blogs.

25,055 views as of time of writing (with over 1500 of them going to the Pocket Mine app review).
An average of 2000 views a month and 50 - 100 views a day, mainly from the US and UK.

14 video game characters have been awarded the most prestigious award in gaming: the Video Game Character of the Month (trade mark pending).

And now on to the new features:
Warning! A new type of review approaches. Internet and Flash games will have their own type of reviewing system, the same as games and apps do.
Warning! More up to date news approaches (hopefully).
Warning! More of your usual fantastic features and our own special brand of comedic flair!


WARNING! A new blog logo and name approach! The name of the blog will be changed to Games Apps and Reviews from Games, Reviews and Other Stuff so as to tie in with the URL, YouTube channel, Facebook and Twitter. The blog logo has also been reinvented by Harry and is better able to show what we now do.

Here's a sneak preview (shh don't tell Harry)...

Again, thank you guys for taking the time to read the blog and respond.

Thanks for reading, Satamer.

P.S. We are going to the Eurogamer Expo on Sunday so expect a live blog followed by first impressions of all the games we played. We hope to see you there!

PP.S. We are always looking for contributors to help with writing some reviews/news.

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