Tuesday, 23 September 2014

First Impressions: Super Smash Bros. for 3DS (Demo)

Well, after being able to finally download the demo (my internet wasn't working for a while for some reason) I started to play. And then kept playing. And playing.

So, the demo contains the ability to play as five of the characters from the game, two newcomers and three veterans. The newcomers are Megaman (check out his Video Game Character of the Month for more information about the character) and Villager (no VGCOTM for this guy but you can check out Jingle's post for some Animal Crossing information). The three final veterans are Link (check out his VGCOTM for more information), Mario (check out his VGCOTM for more information) and Pikachu (how have I not done a VGCOTM for this character yet?).

But, it's not the characters that I want to talk about first, instead it's time to talk about the graphics. If you've seen any stills of the game (or most 3DS games for that matter), you'll see it looks terrible. I would like to destroy this opinion now. The graphics are crisp and clear (with the outlines actually looking quite good, and anyone that knows me knows that I didn't like the outlines,) and the animation is just superb. It just feels great to play and look at. This is also helped by brilliant music and sound effects as well as well-balanced gameplay.

Now, in the demo, you can only play Smash Mode, both against the CPU and in local multiplayer. I have played as all five characters and am pleased to see that they are all fun to play as and all hold their own in battle. While the three veterans are mostly the same as their Brawl predecessors, there are some big changes (one of the most notable being Pikachu's thunder attack, which now strikes all the way to the floor rather than to where he is at the moment of activation). I won't go into too much detail now, but the newcomers' moves, and playstyles are great, varied and fit the game really well (with Villager being absolutely great fun to play as).

You can also only play on one stage (Battlefield, of course) which is a bit annoying but it's a demo and the games out next week so, oh well. In fact, that's one of the best things about this small taster, it really gets me wanting to play the actual game (and as all of the characters). The items are (as far as I know) all in there though, and so far, they not only look better than Brawl's (the Beam Sword looks incredible) but they are also great fun to play with and use (although I know some people, namely the pros, will disagree with items being used in the first place. You can turn them off though so it fits everyone's tastes).

Well that's all for this First Impressions as I really must get back to playing (those thirty tries are going to run out pretty quickly). Look out for the review later as well as the Wii U's version First Impression/Review.

Goodbye for now, Harry 

PS: do you guys want me to do a feature in which I look at all of the characters in detail? Please comment your answer.


  1. Between the brothers, who is Mario and who is Luigi?

    1. I don't know, we both kind of want to be Luigi. Although if we're talking about who is the best in the Mushroom Kingdom then Yoshi wins hands down.