Wednesday, 27 November 2013

App Review No. 29 Moto Heroz

Strong Points:
Great graphics
Variety of levels
Good amount of level packs/cars (11 in total)
Nice physics
Unique level design
Leaderboards are all right and don't seem completely out of reach

Weak Points:
Hard to get coins except for just completing levels
Massive difficulty spikes
Power ups are difficult to control sometimes
Upgrades are unoriginal

Sunday, 24 November 2013

App Review No. 28 Tiny Tower

Strong Points:
Lots of floors
A variety of floors
Things aren't too expensive
You don't have to restock the tower daily as some things don't run out for a long time
Lots of different jobs
Bitbook is a nice addition
Bit bucks are easy to come by

Weak Points: 
All to soon your tower reaches the sky and you can no longer compare its size to anything else
VIP's are a bit useless
Elevators can be ignored as you can rent rooms with bit bucks
Trying to find someone that looks very similar to everyone else in a tower that is 100 floors high can be very boring
Challenges are boring and more or less useless

Saturday, 16 November 2013

App Review No. 27 Stickman Downhill

Strong Points:
Brilliant graphics
Good physics
Lots of bikes
Lots of levels
League Cups (Europe etc.) are great

Weak Points:
Some difficulty spikes are too big
Some bikes require you to have accounts on other things e.g Facebook which some people may be too young to have.
Repetitive after a while

Tuesday, 12 November 2013

App Review No. 26 Fruit Ninja

Strong Points:
Great and innovative gameplay
All three modes are good fun
Lots of achievements
Lots of unlockable blades and stages
Premise of a Fruit Ninja is original
Lots of levels
Minigames and tournaments add more variety to the game (removed as of version 2.3.3)

Weak Points:
Blades/stages are only unlocked by spending the in games currency of starfruit (as of version 2.0 and removed as of version 2.3.3 - now unlocked by leveling up)
Besides graphically the blades and swords don't affect gameplay at all (no longer an issue as of version 2.0)
There aren't enough types of fruit!

Monday, 11 November 2013

App Review No. 25 NinJump Rooftops

Strong Points:
A good, solid endless runner
Good use of the enemy powerups from the last game
Good pick up powerups
Upgrades aren't ridiculously expensive
Multiple planes of view make it different from other endless runners

Weak Points:
Missions are basically useless except as a coin bonus due to there being no levelling system and therefore no competitiveness with missions
Some enemies (ninja, squirrel and bird) are really common and others (bee and panda) are less common but their power doesn't increase
Not enough upgrades (it would be nice if you could upgrade the enemy powerups as well)

Sunday, 10 November 2013

Review No. 64 Wii Sports Resort - Wii (7+)

Strong Points:
Lots of games
Multiplayer is as good as Wii Sports
Single Player is fun
Even more variety
Better, more accurate controls
Swordplay, Wakeboarding, Table Tennis, Bowling, Cycling and Air Sports are great
Basketball, Archery are all right
Graphics are good for the console

Weak Points:
Golf, Canoeing, Frisbee and Power Cruising are not as good
Tennis isn't in the game!
While the Wii Remote Plus is good for controls, it is fiddly to put on especially with the Nunchuck which disrupts the flow of the game slightly
Some of the games are not as polished as the others

Saturday, 9 November 2013

Review No. 63 Wii Sports - Wii (7+)

Strong Points:
Good range of sports
Variety of gameplay
Easier to pick up but challenging to master
Innovative controls
Multiplayer is amazing
Tennis and Bowling are amazing
Baseball is great
Boxing is good (when it works)
Training mode is fun for single player

Weak Points:
Golf is awful
Simple, not detailed graphics
Sometimes unresponsive controls
Not much depth
Single Player is not as fun as multiplayer

App Review No. 24 Hill Climb Racing

Strong Points:
Lots of content
Content is easy while still challenging to get
Gameplay is good
Gameplay changes (in stages and vehicles) are good and different
Great put time in get rewards back system

Weak Points:
Graphics aren't great
Controls are a bit fiddly
Some of the latest vehicles/ stages are a bit gimmicky
In some parts of the stages you can get stuck and have to wait for your fuel to run out

Tuesday, 5 November 2013

App Review No. 23 Parking Mania

Strong Points:
Lots of levels
Most levels are free
Reasonable IAP's
Fun gameplay
Pick up and play value
Not very repetitive

Weak Points:
Controls aren't very responsive although there are three different ones to choose from
Massive difficulty spikes
Graphics aren't that good
Sounds get annoying
Always vibrates when you hit something (you can't turn it off)
Collision detectors aren't the best

Friday, 1 November 2013

Video Game Character of the Month - November 2013 - Red the Bird - Angry Birds

Video Game Character of the Month
November 2013
Red the Bird
Don't you think that the character of Red is a bit strange, I mean he's the leader of the Flock and yet he has no power? This might just be me but if I were Red, I would at least try to become a bit more powerful. But anyway, a little bit of info on Red: