Tuesday, 5 November 2013

App Review No. 23 Parking Mania

Strong Points:
Lots of levels
Most levels are free
Reasonable IAP's
Fun gameplay
Pick up and play value
Not very repetitive

Weak Points:
Controls aren't very responsive although there are three different ones to choose from
Massive difficulty spikes
Graphics aren't that good
Sounds get annoying
Always vibrates when you hit something (you can't turn it off)
Collision detectors aren't the best

In-depth Review:

Release Dates:
North America: 16th September 2009
Europe: 17th September 2009

Three different control styles in app
Steering Wheel
Dragging Wheel

This is a fun little app which is worth the 69p you have to spend for the game (and an extra 69p for each of the level packs). There are over 200 levels all which either offer something new or ramp up the difficulty extremely.

The gameplay is basically a straight forward parking simulator. You have to park your car in a variety of scenarios but with added twists e.g. go through cones first, pick up passengers and parking with your trailer.

The last one is the most different and most difficult of all the added parts of parking due to the controls of the trailer not really in sync with the vehicle. Also, due to the collision detectors not being completely precise, one wrong move and you could get stuck with your only choice being to die. These points along with some of the cars looking the same in the front and back make it quite frustrating.

However, you won't be on this game for longer than around ten minutes so that doesn't matter too much. The game is one of the best pick up and play games I have played and will keep you coming back for more for ages. Sadly, there aren't too many updates and most of them are now IAP.

With lots of different vehicles and scenarios this game is hardly ever repetitive and while there are some major difficulty spikes, all the levels are unlocked so you can skip and go back to that level later.

Finally, the graphics aren't that good and do hinder the gameplay slightly with not being able to tell what you can go on and what you can't. The sounds are also not brilliant and the vibrations after every crash do start to get annoying. However, you can listen to your own songs instead.

Conclusion: overall this is one of the best, most addicting games on the App Store.

Rating: 94%

Thanks for reading, Satamer.


Unlock and collect stickers to fill your sticker album

New weather effects added
20 new levels!

Classic controls are back!

New menu screens
Rank system - get medals to level up rank
Parking statistics
Level of the day (with golden car and coin finder available for level free of charge!)
Connect to Facebook to park with friends!
45 more levels!
Updated graphics
Changed some level layouts
Cleaner look
Cars now move when you hit them
Also, jumping a red light now makes you lose a life but crashing into a car makes the car disappear and you can carry on! (Just with loss of life)

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