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App Review No. 28 Tiny Tower

Strong Points:
Lots of floors
A variety of floors
Things aren't too expensive
You don't have to restock the tower daily as some things don't run out for a long time
Lots of different jobs
Bitbook is a nice addition
Bit bucks are easy to come by

Weak Points: 
All to soon your tower reaches the sky and you can no longer compare its size to anything else
VIP's are a bit useless
Elevators can be ignored as you can rent rooms with bit bucks
Trying to find someone that looks very similar to everyone else in a tower that is 100 floors high can be very boring
Challenges are boring and more or less useless

In-depth Review:

Release Dates:
World Wide: June 23, 2011

Tap to interact with various parts of the game

Tiny Tower is not tiny in any means. With five different categories of floor (creative, food, recreation, retail and residential) and loads of floors inside these categories this game should be called 'stuffed full with content tower'. OK, I see why it wasn't.

You buy floors with cash earned by having Bitzens (the residents of Tiny Tower) or completing jobs from the other floor categories. These jobs range from selling museum tickets to making cars and video games and can take anywhere from 5 mins to 15 hours to complete and double that time to sell. Or you can speed up these processes with Bit Bucks (premium currency) or VIP's.

And that brings me nicely to my next point. VIP's while a good idea on paper don't really work to well as by the time one of them show up all of your jobs that you needed them for are over. This was partly fixed by being able to save them in your lobby which enabled you to keep them for later which let them actually be used for once. Sadly, the powers they have just aren't good enough to be a proper part of this app.

Next up is Bit Bucks as while I normally wouldn't use premium currency often (due to the fact that I don't pay money for these things) I find that I do with this one (although I still don't buy any) as they are so easy to come by. One Bit Buck for building a floor, one for completely restocking a floor, two for having a dream job on a floor (more on that later) and one for finding a random Bitzen and while one or two doesn't sound like a lot they soon add up. You use Bit Bucks for buying better elevators to ferry your bitzens around quicker, filling up residential homes, speeding jobs up and exchanging them for coins.

Dream jobs is another aspect of Tiny Tower which lets you give a bitzen the job that they dream about. Dreams jobs are a randomized aspect of bitzens which (if you employ them in their dream job) gives you the benefit of doubling the stock of one of the jobs on the floor. This means that if you have one dream job on a floor the first item will have double stock but the second and third will have the normal amount. If you then employ a second dream job, then the second job gets double stock but the third doesn't. If all three bitzens have their dream job, then all three jobs will have double stock. Also, you get three lovely stars next to the floor as well as 6 Bit Bucks. Another reason for employing bitzens in certain jobs is that if their skill level is 9 then you get the bonus of having the price of stock decreased. Oh and they're a lot happier as well.

Bitzens come to live in your tower when you have a residential floor available and can be either brought in by waiting for one to go on the elevator and then ferrying them up to the right floor or you can just put them in the floor with five Bit Bucks. The second option is a lot easier.

Challenges are another feature of the game and have you completing certain jobs so as to fill a quota for some reason or another. These quotas are under themes which can range from Christmas to a Mad Hatter tea party. Sadly, these challenges involve you having certain floors and (at least for me) it is very hard to get all of the floors needed to complete the challenge. If you do you do get a lot of Bit Bucks, though.

Finally, there is Bitbook which is included here as, even though it plays no part in the game whatsoever and doesn't help you in any way, it's still a nice little feature that adds a sense of realism to the game. If you hadn't already guessed Bitbook is a rip off of the real-life Facebook and has the bitzens complaining about their room-mates or jobs, just like in real life actually. You can then share their posts to your own page on Facebook so if you want to say that you room-mate smells of cheese curls you now can! Annoyingly though they don't seem to update their pages as regularly as I would like. Where's the gossip?!

Conclusion: overall Tiny Tower is a nice and not so little game that will keep you entertained for hours. Watch out for the sequel, Tiny Death Star!    

Rating: 80% 

Goodbye for now, Harry

Update: holiday cheer has come and gone

Updates: many bug fixes including a fix for missing audio tracks, graphical glitches on iPad Air 2, iPhone 6/6+ bug, crashing on older versions of iOS, crashes on sharing on iPads, notifications not showing on iOS 8, graphical artifacts on retina devices and crashes when viewing a video ad 

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