Sunday, 31 March 2013

Wii U Review Part 2 - Miiverse

One of the best applications on the Wii U is the Miiverse.

Review No. 7 Mario Kart 7 - 3DS (7+)

Strong Points:
Glider and underwater gimmicks are good
Customisation is fun
New courses are good
New power ups are good
Online mode is great
Trying to beat highscore is addictive

Weak Points:
Lucky seven powerup is rubbish
Too many old courses
Characters are clones of each other
Battles are bad
Can get repetitive and boring really quickly
There are some glitches in multiplayer

Saturday, 30 March 2013

Review No. 6 Nintendo Land - Wii U (7+)

Strong Points:
Lots of minigames
Solo, team and competitive attractions
Fun for all ages

Weak Points:
Solo attractions aren't as good
Needs more attractions
If you can't do multiplayer play is limited

Wii U Review Part 1 - Specs and Savings

Technical Specification- Wikipedia

Friday, 29 March 2013

Review No. 5 Little Charley Bear Toy Box Of FUN! - DS (3+)

Strong Points:
Quite a few activities (15)
3 difficulties
Teaches kids problem solving
Brilliant theme tune

Weak Points:
Only for young children
Instructions are sometimes difficult to understand

Review No. 4 Star Fox 64 3D - 3DS (7+)

Strong Points:
Looks amazing
High scores are all right
Fighting is superb
Lots of replay value

Weak Points:
Really short (storywise)
Story is poor
Characters are boring

Thursday, 28 March 2013

Review No. 3 Dragon Quest VIII: The Journey Of The Cursed King - PS2 (12+)

Strong Points:
Huge game (100+ hours)
Brilliant monsters
Lots of extras
Monster arena is amazing
Great, twisting storyline
Graphics are good
Soundtrack is amazing
Huge world
Characters all have their own great personality
Lots of great weapons and spells
Alchemy is amazing

Weak Points:
No co-op mode
Might be slow for some
Boss battles are sometimes too easy and sometimes very hard

Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Review No. 2 Kingdom Hearts 2 - PS2 (12+)

Strong Points:
Good storyline
Amazing characters
Good weapons
Brilliant Disney worlds
Introduces Organization 13

Weak Points:
Some worlds are boring
Not as good storyline as Kingdom Hearts 1
No co-op mode

Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Review No. 1 Kingdom Hearts 1 - PS2 (12+)

Strong Points:
Amazing Storyline
Brilliant Disney Characters and Worlds
Lots of minigames
Battles are brilliant

Weak Points:
No co-op mode
Some worlds are boring