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Review No. 7 Mario Kart 7 - 3DS (7+)

Strong Points:
Glider and underwater gimmicks are good
Customisation is fun
New courses are good
New power ups are good
Online mode is great
Trying to beat highscore is addictive

Weak Points:
Lucky seven powerup is rubbish
Too many old courses
Characters are clones of each other
Battles are bad
Can get repetitive and boring really quickly
There are some glitches in multiplayer

In-depth Review:

Release Dates:
Nintendo 3DS:
Japan: December 1, 2011
Europe: December 2, 2011
Australia: December 3, 2011
North America: December 4, 2011

Nintendo eShop:
PAL: October 4, 2012
North America: October 18, 2012
Japan: November 1, 2012

Controls: Source: Super Mario Wiki
A: accelerate
B: brake/reverse
Circle Pad: steer/auto drift
R: hop/manual drift/perform tricks in midair
L/X: use item
Touchpad: switch map view
Start: pause
Up On D-Pad: first person
Tilt: steer (first person only.)

Mario Kart 7 is the seventh instalment in the Mario Kart series - excluding the arcade games which were only released in Japan. It introduces many new mechanics including: air and water areas of the track, customisation and first person racing using the gyroscope controls on the 3DS.

There are seventeen characters: Mario, Luigi, Peach, Yoshi, Bowser, Donkey Kong, Toad, Koopa Trooper, Daisy, Wario, Rosalina, Metal Mario, Shy Guy, Honey Queen, Wiggler, Lakitu and your Mii character. These characters are split into groups based on weight - Feather, Light, Medium, Cruiser and Heavy.

There are 32 race courses (16 new, 16 retro) and six battle courses (3 new, 3 retro): Race Courses: Toad Circuit, Daisy Hills, Cheep Cheep Cape, Shy Guy Bazaar, Wuhu Island Loop, Mario Circuit, Melody Motorway, Alpine Pass, Piranha Plant Pipeway, Wario Galleon, Koopa City, Wuhu Mountain Loop, DK Jungle, Rosalina's Ice World, Bowser's Castle, Rainbow Road, Luigi Raceway (N64), Bowser Castle 1 (GBA), Mushroom Gorge (Wii), Luigi's Mansion (DS), Koopa Troopa Beach (N64), Mario Circuit 2 (SNES), Coconut Mall (Wii), Waluigi Pinball (DS), Kalimari Desert (N64), DK Pass (DS), Daisy Cruiser (GCN), Maple Treeway (Wii), Koopa Cape (Wii), Dino Dino Jungle (GCN), Airship Fortress (DS), Rainbow Road  (SNES), Battle Courses: Honeybee House, GBA Battle Course 1, Sherbet Rink, N64 Big Donut, Wuhu Town, DS Palm Shore.

There are 14 different items available (3 new ones) in item boxes scattered around the track. There are also coins you can gather (up to ten) which give you speed boosts and allow you to unlock parts to customize your kart.

There is a brilliant online mode as well where you can go into communities and gain or lose VR points. There was a patch at some time in May last year which removed some glitches in the game for online mode. Online mode is Mario Karts main feature.

Conclusion: this game is good overall and a great addition to the Mario Kart series. However, it does become quite boring and even with customisation, characters feel like clones. There are also too many glitches and just becomes really competitive. I can't wait until Mario Kart 8 for the Wii U which has been announced.

Rating: 84%

Thanks for reading, Satamer.

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