Thursday, 5 February 2015

App Review No. 81 Make Them Fall

Strong Points:
Lots of different game modes
Simple controls

Weak Points:
No currency
Split screen is difficult on smaller devices
Too simple

 Rating: 71%

Hello Banters and Bantresses,

This App is fairly simple - Don't let your stick-men touch spikes. You do this by tapping in the stick-man's coloured area. The spikes approach from the bottom of their areas (as the stickmen are, currently, falling - hence the name) and, by tapping the screen, you make your stick-man jump across their areas to the other side. Normal mode has two stick-men, Nightmare has 3 stick-men, Hell has 4, Inferno - 5 and Impossible has 6 (which I got 7 on - MLG, right?). Cardiac is a game mode in which you have to collect hearts. If you miss a heart, you lose a life (which you have 3 of). 

Whilst simplicity can be a strong point, it can also work against an app and, in this case, it does.
There simply isn't enough to be considered a Top App. This game is a mini-game - plain, simple and just not quite enough. Personally, I find normal mode to be the best as it is simple, unlike the other modes, and retains the original concept (unlike Cardiac mode).

Overall, this is a challenging app - but, at its core, is a simple game that will pass some time - if you're waiting in a queue or on a train or something. 

You've been reading an Olimg App Review. Thanks for reading and come again!

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