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Video Game Character of the Month - February 2015 - Little Mac - Punch Out!

Video Game Character of the Month
February 2015
Little Mac
Punch Out!
Left, left, right, dodge, dodge, left, left, uppercut and finish him! Ah, not me! Uh hmm... That's enough training for today I think, I have to write the VGCOTM for Little Mac. What do you mean he's a worse boxer than you? He won the world championship and didn't try to finish me! Now, a little bit of information on Little Mac:

He is a boxer
His trainer is Doc Louis
His signature attack is the star uppercut
He is Caucasian
He is 17 years old
He is 140cm tall
He originally had green hair
He is from Bronx, New York, USA
He was originally called Peter Punch
He can turn into a huge version of himself called Giga Mac
He has won three world boxing championships
He has also been an overweight has-been
He usually wears a black tank top, green shorts and green boxing gloves although he has been known to wear a pink hoodie.
He can turn his body into green wires
He fought Mike Tyson
He has a clone
He retired from boxing after making a Last Stand before coming back again with a new trainer

Origin of Little Mac:
Little Mac was originally for the arcade boxing game Punch Out!! (which was originally a racing game but was changed to a boxing game due to technical limitations). He was, originally, made of a green wireframe so that the player could see their opponent from the third person prospective. However, this was changed (to making Little Mac smaller than his opponents - appropriate, really, considering his name) once the game was ported to the NES due to technical limitations. To start with, he was called Peter Punch but this was changed before the game was released. He was trained by his mentor Doc Louis in the first and last games.

Evolution of Little Mac:
Little Mac has changed considerably over the course of his lifetime (and, yet, stayed more or less the same age), especially in Super Punch Out!!. In fact, the change was so radical (with brown-y blond hair and a new instructor) that some people have claimed that it was not Little Mac although Nintendo have disagreed. He also gained two new attacks in Super Punch Out!! - the Rapid Punch and KO Punch. He also changed from a star based power up system to a power meter based power up system. Super Punch Out!! actually occurs last in the series, after the Wii version, and involves Little Mac getting back the title after retiring in the Wii version. Finally, in the Wii version of Punch Out!! he fights head to head with his clone before fighting Giga Mac - a powered up version of himself as well as winning the world championship again and, ultimately, retiring.

Punch Out!!: released (Japan) in 1983/(North America) in February 1984/(Europe) in July 1984 on Arcade and Game and Watch
Punch Out!!/Mike Tyson's Punch Out: released (North America) in October, 1987/(Japan) on November 21, 1987/(PAL) on December 15, 1987 on the NES/Famicom/(PAL) on March 30, 2007/(Japan) on April 3, 2007/(North America) on April 16, 2007 on the Wii/(Japan) on February 1, 2012/(PAL) on March 1, 2012/(North America) on March 8, 2012/(Japan) on June 5, 2013/(North America/PAL) on March 20, 2013 on Wii U
Super Punch Out!!: released (North America) on September 14, 1994/(Europe) on January 26, 1995 on SNES/(Japan) on March 1, 1998 on Nintendo Power Flash ROM/(Europe) on March 20, 2009/(North America/Australia) on March 30, 2009/(Japan) on July 7, 2009 on Wii/(North America) on December 26, 2013/(Japan) on April 9, 2014/(Europe) on June 12, 2014 on Wii U
Punch Out!! (Wii Version): released (North America) on May 18, 2009/(Europe) on May 22, 2009/(Japan) on July 23, 2009/(Australia) on August 27, 2009 on Wii/(Wii U) on (North America) on January 22, 2015
Doc Louis Punch Out!!: released (North America) on October 27, 2009 on Wii for Platinum Club Nintendo Members
Arm Wrestling: released (North America) in May 1985 on Arcade
Super Smash Bros. Brawl: released (Japan) on January 31, 2008/ (North America) on March 9, 2008/ (Australia) on June 26, 2008/ (Europe) on June 27, 2008 on Wii
Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS: released (Japan) on September 13, 2014/ (North America/Europe) on October 3, 2014/ (Australia) on October 4, 2014 
Super Smash Bros. for Wii U: released (North America) on November 21, 2014/(Europe) on November 28, 2014/(Australia) on November 29, 2014/(Japan) on December 6, 2014
Captain Rainbow: released (Japan) on August 28, 2008 on Wii
Fight Night Round 2: released (North America) on February 28, 2005/(PAL) on March 18, 2005/(Japan) on September 1, 2005 on PlayStation 2/Xbox/GameCube

That's all on Little Mac for now as we have to get back to training. But, as always, if you spot a mistake I've made or know some more information then please comment! Also, if you know of another character who should win this coveted award, please comment as well!

Goodbye for now, Harry


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