Thursday, 15 May 2014

Review No. 71 DLC Quest - PC (3+)

Strong Points:
Nice graphics
Great concept
Funny satire
Good level of difficulty
Two different modes
Lots of DLC
DLC is brought through the games currency for once

Weak Points:
Very short
Frustratingly difficult to find all coins and DLC packs
Quite a bit of backtracking

In-depth Review:

Release Date:
World Wide: 18th March 2013

Left Arrow: move left
Right Arrow: move right
Z: jump
X: talk/interact/use sword/use pickaxe/use gun

This game is a game which makes fun of the gaming industry. The main idea is that you have to buy DLC for everything from weapons to particle effects and wall jumping to just walking left. Sadly, this is not too far from the real-world scenario of micro-transactions, IAPs and DLCs all of which, at least most of the time, give very little content. This real-life situation we find ourselves in does do one thing good though and that is to make this game funny and relatable.

With every 'I am Error' joke or zombie DLC there is a harsh look at reality and AAA games. Then you get the Canadian accents DLC and everything's good again. The story is the old rescue the princess tale although the game does through in a few alternate endings. The humour comes from the DLC (as does pretty much all of the content) and is actually quite funny in places, from the occasional smirk to full blown laughter.

There are two separate campaign in the game: DLC Quest, a shorter game which teaches you the basics and gets the point of the game across and Live Freemium or Die, a longer game with more humour, more DLC's and sadly more backtracking. After the initial scramble of getting all the coins (the games currency) and the DLC's you can find, you will suddenly run out. You will think to yourself "have I finished the game?", to which the game replies "no" as there is hidden DLC scattered around. And being the humans we are, we have to collect EVERYTHING so you will suddenly find yourself backtracking all over the place trying to find that elusive DLC and the coins to allow you to buy it. While this is sometimes fun, it does get boring after a while and a bit repetitive.

The controls are good (after you have unlocked them) with some controls which require more skill (wall jumping etc.) unlocked in the Live Freemium or Die campaign. The graphics are nice and again get progressively better as you get more DLC as does the music. The difficulty of the actual game is relatively easy although trying to collect everything does require a bit of platforming skill.

Finally, there are achievements which further lengthens this rather short game and leaderboards in which you can race to complete the game in the quickest time.

Conclusion: overall this is a great little game which doesn't take itself too seriously. If you see it on Steam etc. then buy it, it will lighten your mood and fulfil the inner urge to collect everything.

Rating: 73%

Thanks for reading, Satamer.

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