Friday, 23 May 2014

First Impressions: PS4/Xbox One

The first thing I noticed about the PS4 was the graphics. The first word that came into my head about the graphics was astounding. And I mean it, the graphics were just amazing. Enough said.

Anyway, the next thing that I noticed was how smoothly everything ran, from the graphics (I really must stop mentioning that) to the fluidness of the controls. The particle effects were brilliant (especially in inFAMOUS Second Son) with you being able to see every small detail. The amount of games on offer, and the variety between titles, was impressive as well.

However, I (Satamer) found the controller to be rather tacky. The fabric around the analogue sticks looked like it could peel off (and in fact it did) and the touch pad while good, was difficult to press and made the controls in some of the games unresponsive. I'm not saying it is a bad controller, just not as good as previous iterations.

The Xbox One's controller on the other hand was really nice. I didn't like the Xbox 360's controller that much but this one was really comfortable to hold and the analogue sticks were really good as well. The controls were fluid and responsive and handled really well (even in the heat of a Titanfall battle).

The graphics while not quite as stunning as the PS4's (not much of a difference though) were still really impressive, with you being able to pick out every small detail. The games were all really fun to play, although there wasn't too much to offer in terms of variety, it is still a great console.

Overall, we think both consoles are worth looking into and both had slightly different things on offer.

Goodbye for now, Harry (first part of PS4 first impression)
Thanks for reading, Satamer. (second part of PS4 first impression and Xbox One first impression) 

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