Sunday, 25 May 2014

Live Blog: Pokémon VGC 2014

Live Blog: Pokémon VGC 2014: see 'Read More' for all the info

We have just left for Manchester and feel up and raring to go! Now just a 3-hour drive awaits to get there. 
Thanks for reading, Satamer.

We have just arrived at Event City in Manchester, where the Pokémon VGC is held. 
Thanks for reading, Satamer.

We are now in the queue and waiting to get our battle boxes checked. If you have/are or know someone who is participating in the Pokémon VGC (or any other gaming tournament) then please don't hesitate to comment.
Goodbye for now, Harry

Just registered (we pre-registered online so it was just a case of them checking our battle box) and got some merchandise in the form of 2 sets of Pokémon cards and a Tepig keyring. 
Photos up later. 
Thanks for reading, Satamer.

The TGC games are just about to start and the VGC registration has just finished so, hopefully, we'll be battling soon.
Goodbye for now, Harry

The shiny Mamoswine distribution has now started and will run for around an hour. Get it if your here!
Thanks for reading, Satamer.

Games are about to begin (once they get organised!) More later.
Goodbye for now, Harry

Results of the first battle: Satamer = loss, Harry = win (I got a free win as my opponent didn't even show up!) More soon.
Goodbye for now, Harry

Results of the second battle: Satamer = draw (the connection didn't work so he didn't get to battle), Harry = win (it was so close - 27 HP close!) More soon.
Goodbye for now, Harry

Results of the third battle: Satamer = win (it was another bye!), Harry = loss. More soon. 
Thanks for reading, Satamer.

Results of the fourth battle: Satamer = loss (it was close though - down to one missed move), Harry = win (the turnaround of the century!) More soon. 
Goodbye for now, Harry

Results of the fifth battle: Satamer = loss, Harry = loss (he was on TV though!) More soon. 
Thanks for reading, Satamer.

Results of sixth battle: Satamer = loss, Harry = win (another bye, where is everyone?) Last battle soon. 
Goodbye for now, Harry

Results of seventh battle: Satamer = win (finally, a win and a complete sweep too!), Harry = loss. Oh well, no top cut this year but it was still one of my best results (and we got a shiny Mamoswine and promo card). Until next time.
Goodbye for now, Harry

Just found out the complete results: Satamer = 65th, Harry = 31st. Also, the promo card was a Tropius. 
Goodbye for now, Harry


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