Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Review No. 89 One Finger Death Punch - PC (7+)

Strong Points:
Responsive combat - reacts the moment you press the button
Easy to learn, hard to master
Graphic design is solid - not too fancy, but is over the top and hilarious in places
Nice to pick up for a few hours

Weak Points:
Looks a little like a flash game
Can get repetitive quickly
Quite a large difficulty spike

Rating: 70%
In-depth Review:

Release Dates: 
World Wide: 3 March, 2014

M1/M2, Left/Right Arrows, B/N, S/D to punch left and right
Arrow Keys or Mouse to navigate menus

One Finger Death Punch is an indie title released on Steam by Silver Dollar Studios. It's a brawler with a difference - there are only two buttons - left and right mouse button. The game uses combos and weapons as well as many different game-modes to keep itself interesting. Although the title suggests that each enemy takes one "death punch" and dies, there are many enemies that require more. There are brawlers (shown with a crown on their head) and colored enemies, green (two hits), blue (one hit either side), yellow (two hits one side, one the other) and so on. It gets surprisingly difficult surprisingly quickly, and you can only take so many hits. I'd liken it to a rhythm game, but instead of keeping the beat you beat the hell out of stickmen coming from either side of the screen, especially the brawlers. And of course, you are rewarded with Sniper Elite-style slow motion kills with X-ray shots of breaking bones. There is a skill tree in the game, with three slots to use skills you unlock by completing a certain level. 

This game is great for the price and you will most definitely have fun with it, even if only for a couple of hours.


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