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Review No. 99 Team Fortress 2 - PC (18+)

Strong Points:
Fast paced
Big variety of classes
A lot of different game types
Worth not being F2P
Lots of weapons
P2W isn't available - weapons mostly balanced

Weak Points:
New content added lots, too bad it's not weapons or maps
End of the Line
Only 50 backpack spaces for F2P
Not all weapons can be brought from the shop
Crates/key system is a bit rubbish

Rating: 90%

In-depth Review:

Release Dates:
World Wide: October 9, 2007

W: move forward
S: move backwards
A: strafe left
D: strafe right
Space: jump
Ctrl: crouch
 ′: swim up
 /: swim down
PGUP: look up
PGDN: look down
V: hold to use voice chat
Y: chat message
U: team message
E: call for medic
Z: voice menu 1
X: voice menu 2
C: voice menu 3
,: class change menu
.: team change menu
M: open character loadout
N: open backpack
N/A: loadout quickswitch
L: drop the briefcase
G: taunt
H: use item in action slot
I: show map information
F: inspect target
Right Click: detonate stickybombs/spin minigun barrel/deploy ubercharge/zoom sniper rifle/cloak/uncloak
B: activate previously used disguise
-: change disguise team (while holding the disguise kit)
Left Click: primary attack (may differ depending on class and weapon)
R: reload weapon
Mouse Wheel Up: previous weapon
Mouse Wheel Down: next weapon
Q: switch to last used weapon
1: primary weapon
2: secondary weapon
3: melee weapon
4: engineer's build menu/spy's disguise kit (special weapons)
5: engineer's destroy menu
T: spray an uploaded dodgy logo
Tab: display current players leader board/status/class/points/ping
N/A: Quit game
~: developer console
J: view/accept the topmost alert
K: remove/decline the topmost alert
F: inspect weapon
H: pick up weapon

Team Fortress 2 doesn't have a set storyline but the setting starts in the 19th century with a rich English man, Zepheniah Mann. He was the owner of Mann Co. He had 3 sons named Redmond, Blutarch and Gray. His wife Bette, died in childbirth on September 2nd 1822. Redmond and Blutarch were normal but Grey was underweight and learnt to talk in the womb. Zepheniah ordered the baby to be smothered but he was abducted by an eagle. Gray was cared well by his abductors until he was strong enough to kill and eat her and her children.

In 1850's Zepheniah went to the US to expand the business. He found gravel pits and dustbowls. He then contracted lots of illnesses and  with his will he set up the events of Team Fortress 2 by leaving his sons half his stuff each, leading them to fight over it for the rest of their life's. He left Elizabeth the "miracle gravel" also known as Australium. This was because Gray resurfaced and was blackmailing Zepheniah.

Blutarch and Redmond wanted control over the others land so they could be the best. This didn't work as both team's mercs forced a stalemate.

40 years later and the war was still going on but Blutarch was near death form old age and so recruited Radigan Conagher to make him a machine to extend his life. A stranger slipped into Radigan's house and knowing she couldn't convince him against the life extending machine for Blutarch asked Radigan to make a machine for Redmond. As payment she gave him 100 pounds of Australium - the element found only is Australia that caused it to become and extremely intelligent nation. This was used to create teleportation marvels and cloaking devices. The machines were built but Radigan made a much more advanced version for Gray.

During Summer of 1968, 9 people; the Scout, the Soldier, the Pyro, the Demoman, the Heavy Weapons Guy, the Engineer, the Medic, the Sniper and the  Spy were recruited by Reliable Excavation & Demolition and Builders League United.
Helen, descendant of Elizabeth, acts as the overseer of the battles. And descendant of  Barnabas Hale, Saxton Hale runs the Mann Co., a weapons and headwear a sub company of TF Industries.

Our first major plot event occurs when the RED demoman and the BLU Soldier meet and become friends in an explosives convention, which make the Administrator angry as they may share information about their job and find out that they are working for the same person. With Saxton Hale's help she misleads them into thinking the other is trying to kill each other. During the same time in an attempt to rid themselves  of weapons involved in a Senate investigation. Mann Co. sends a monkeynaut named Poopy Joe into space. The rocket is fuelled with liquid Australium but before takeoff  and replaces the Australium with a suitcase of explosives. This kills Poopy Joe and Saxton fails to cover it up.

The next event is when Blutarch finds his life support machine is breaking so he orders BLU Engineer, grandson of Radigan, to fix it.

Later Saxton finds the Internet and uses it to open up the Mann Co. store for people to buy hats, and maybe weapons.

Gray wanting to take control of RED and BLU sends tear-stained letters to each of his brothers in secret hoping to get them to meet with each other. Redmond and Blutarch rented the Alamo, and moved it to New Mexico (Of course) for their meeting, guarded by Engineers controlled by RED. Blutarch proposed the idea of a truce and the idea of a pregnancy machine to have an heir. The took agreed and shake hands thanking each other for the letters they sent. After the shake Grey enters after having killed the Engineers. He introduces him self as Grey their brother and that he sent the letters. It is shown that Grey is wearing a mechanical device on his spine, maybe his own construction. He then recounts his life to them booth. He goes on to talk about how he had to build his empire up from scratch unlike Redmond and Blutarch and then watched as they wasted their fathers fortune over a worthless war. He asks them to concider there true birthright which appears to be Mann Co. Redmond states that gravel powers the world's steam engines showing how thick he is. Grey growing tired of them kills them by slitting their throats.

That night the ghosts of the brothers make the mercs push the other brothers corpse into hell with one team winning both teams are sent to hell with the brother at first but one team manages to beat the others to a spellbook to take them to the surface.

Three days later and Gray makes his move against Mann Co., sending a giant robot army to attack them. Hale is too busy wrestling Yeti to deal with the crisis himself so he sends a video message to the mercs of BLU and RED that their leaders are dead and the gravel war is ended and they no longer have jobs. He them re-hires them to fight the robots.

Team Fortress 2 includes quite a few gamemode types; King of the Hill, Capture Points, Payload, Capture the Flag, Payload Race, Special Delivery and Mann vs Machine.
S(peedy)**** (Scout)
Trollier (Soldier)
W+M1 (Pyro)
Black Scottish Cyclops (Demoman)
Annoying Engineer (Engineer)
Ze Medic (Medic)
Aussie Assassin (Sniper)
Baby Shpee (Spy)

So the Scout is an extremely fast class at about 130% of the normal speed. This is great for getting up close and using his Scattergun to finish off an opponent. He also has a pistol for "longer" range and finally a bat for smacking people to death.

The Soldier is equipped with a rocket launcher, shotgun and a shovel. The rocket launcher can be used to shoot your enemy to smithereens or more commonly to rocket jump and wack the enemy with the shovel.

The Pyro uses a flamethrower, shotgun and fire axe. The flamethrower deals DoT in the form of fire which can be put out by Jarate, Mad Milk or just water. The shotgun is again good for up close which is what the Pyro is built on.

Demoman is a based on setting traps for unsuspecting enemies as well as dealing lots of damage in situations where using "stickies" isn't possible. The Demoman is also equipped with a bottle of whiskey that can break if you hit someone with it. This DOESN'T make it stronger.

Heavy is a slow class who uses a minigun that has 300 bullets in and a shotgun for backup as well as his fists for melee time.

Engineer can build sentries, teleporters and dispensers. He also has a wrench for upgrading the buildings til they are level 3. He has a shotgun and a pistol to help him protect and area alongside his sentry.

Medic is kitted out with a with a syringe gun that is affected by gravity, a medigun that heals teammates and even Spies disguised as your team. He is comes with a bonesaw for desperate situations.

BOOM, that's another headshot bloke, I am a professional and your a joke. Yep, the Sniper is here and he is using his sniper rifle to quickscope, headshot and taunt at you. Wait, don't forget his MLG no-scoping skillz that will make you go mad in rage. He is also given a kukri and an SMG that is useful on close range combat.

Is that the last class over there? No, that is an actual enemy, run!!!!!!!!!!! So the Spy can turn invisible, disguise as an enemy or even a teammate and then switch to his knife and get an instant kill dealing threes time the max health of the class you are attacking. He has a pistol where melee isn't an option or when you have been found out.

End of the Line

So, the new team fortress update is here promising new weapons and also cosmetics. And why is this a weak point? The new weapon we were promised.... a crossing guard replacement for the default melee weapons. The cosmetics are ok I guess but the ducks seem like a pointless idea unless you like checking useless stats. Oh, did I mention that the map was scrapped because it was too complex for new players. THE WORST UPDATE TO DATE.

Smissmas 2014

Yay, new update that added new festive weapons as well as two new weapons for the Demoman, the Iron Bomber and the Quickiebomb Launcher as well as the Engineer, Pyro, Soldier and Heavy: Panic Attack. The new mode Mannpower was released in beta that is a Intel cap, first to ten with grapple hooks. A new case and key was added for the extra cosmetics included. Some background balances also occurred.

Gun Mettle

This is an update over 200 days after the last, the longest time between major updates since the first one. This has added skins á la CS:GO as well as the ability to inspect skinned weapons. New maps were added for King of the Hill, Control Points however this one is only 3 long, Payload and CP_Snowplow is back, why on Earth this is back is random, not too complex now is it?! New taunts were added including 'The Box Trot', 'The Proletariat Posedown' and 'Kazotsky Kick'. A new campaign was added, and acts just like a Counter Strike operation. It costs £3.99 or $5.99 and lets you complete two missions a week for 'Contract Points' that go towards upgrading your badge. When you hand in a completed contract you receive a weapon skin or case. There are 4 new weapon collections, two receivable by drops 'Tuefort' and 'Craftsmann' and the other two 'Concealed Killer' and 'Powerhouse' for opening cases with the new key.

See Ya

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