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Review No. 98 Skyrim - Xbox 360/PC (16+)

Strong Points:
Great graphics
Great story and lore - none less expected from Bethesda, to be honest
Massive open world - invisible walls are well disguised and is impressive for the time
Loads to explore - non-crucial dungeons can be entered at any level and will level with character
Console commands (PC) - useful but can be too tempting for a legitimate playthrough
Modding community (PC) - personalize your game

Weak Points:
Controls are easy to forget - keyboard controls are crowded and sometimes confusing (eg: T to Wait)
Fights are repetitive
Easy to get overpowered - especially levels 30/40+ using magic
You get lag (PC) - depending on computer (only best can handle 100 exploding chickens!)
Side quests get boring - fetching and delivering, etc
NPCs are sometimes unrealistic - if they don't see you commit a crime they won't attack you, there's no need to run away from the body or put your weapon away etc.
Landscape is nearly always fields and stones and/or snow - can be repetitive
Graphics haven't aged as well on consoles

Rating: 98%

In-depth Review:

Release Dates:
Original Game:
US/Europe: 11th November 2011
Japan: 8th December 2011

Legendary Edition:
North America: 4th June 2013
Europe: 7th June 2013

Look/Turn/Navigate Menus: Mouse
Move: W, A, S, D
Automove: C
Sprint: Alt
Toggle Walk/Run: Caps Lock
Walk/Run: Shift
Jump: Space
Sneak Mode: Ctrl
Ready Weapon/Sheath Weapon: R
Attack/Right Hand: Left Click
Power Attack: Left Click (hold)
Block/ Left Hand: Right Click
Dual Cast: Left Click+Right Click
Power/Dragon Shout: Z
Favorites: Q
Activate/Use: E
Change View: F (or mouse wheel)
Character Menu: TAB
Open Journal: J or ESC
Wait: T
Hotkeys: 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8
Map: M
Inventory: I
Magic: P
Rotate/Tilt Map: Right Click + Drag with mouse
Quick Save: F5
Quick Load: F9
Open Console Tilde: (`)
Screenshot: Print Screen
Steam screenshot: F12
Item count: 1: Home
Item count: MAX: End
Item count: step increase: Page Up
Item count: step decrease: Page Down
Dragon Riding:
Lock Target: Space
Switch Target: 1, 2
Left/right: move mouse
Attack: Ctrl

Land: E

Skyrim is one of the world's greatest RPGs ever. With an original storyline, an enjoyable combat system and amazing graphics (for the time), especially for an open world game, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim ticks all the boxes.

The uses for mods are extensive and interesting. Mods range from followers to mounts, weapons to armor, and minor tweaks to major overhauls. Your game can be YOUR game.

You have a choice of 10 races - the same as in all Elder Scrolls games: Argonian, Breton, Dark Elf, High Elf, Imperial, Kajhit, Nord, Orc, Redguard or Wood Elf; each with their own advantages and disadvantages that label each with a style of game-play. Skyrim deviates from past Elder Scrolls games and most RPGs ever made in the class system - or lack thereof. You are not born under a star sign like in Oblivion. Instead you have 13 standing stones that you can switch around. You are not born into a specific class, either (eg: beggar, warlock, spell-sword, etc.). This makes your style of game-play changeable and fluid in a way few other games can.

You can join different guilds - the Companions (warriors), the College of Winterhold (mages), the Thieves Guild (thieves) and the Dark Brotherhood (assassins), not to mention the Bards College, which is surprise surprise a bard's guild. Each has its own quest line, story, rewards and consequences for following it.


Skyrim is in turmoil - there is a civil war on, with brother turning on brother. There are the Stormcloaks (typically Nords) and the Imperials (typically Imperials) but you can join each as any race - although the initiation may be tougher. As well as these battles happening, the dragons are returning, burning everything to the ground. You, as Dragonborn, can devour the souls of dragons and so end their lives forever, preventing their re-resurrection. You can use these souls to unlock dragon shouts which you learn by reading walls, and you learn them so fast because you have the soul of a dragon.

In classic Bethesda style, you start Skyrim as a prisoner. You are in an Imperial carriage, being ridden to Helgen with some Stormcloaks - to your imminent execution. You climb out of the carriage, and everyone's names are called - except yours. Hadvar (an Imperial Legate) inquires "Who are you?" and the character customization screen is opened. Once you have customized your character and given it a name, you are taken to the execution block. As the axe comes towards your face... A DRAGON LANDS AND SAVES YOU!!! You run from the block, following first Ralof (Stormcloak) then Hadvar (Imperial) before making your choice on who to enter Helgen Keep with. Whoever you choose, you follow essentially the same dungeon and escape (your choice does not affect who you join up with later on). Head to Riverwood, and your story's begun.


Overall, Skyrim is an amazing game. Since its release on 11.11.11, over 7 million copies have been sold. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is one of the best RPGs out there. I seriously recommend this to anyone, anywhere. If you haven't already... GET THIS GAME NOW!


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