Monday, 15 December 2014

Review No. 94 Terarria - PC (12+)

Strong Points:
Millions of items to create and use
Loads of different biomes to explore
A wide variety of enemies to fight, including bosses
Great single player and multiplayer
Just options. So many options...

Weak Points:
Can be difficult to just 'jump in' without prior knowledge or help from friends
Games can get repetitive (starting over and over)
Competition - games like Minecraft may be more well-known and have the 3D advantage.

Rating: 92%

In-depth Review:

Release Dates:
World Wide: May 16, 2011

Controls: Source: Gamepedia
T: throw
Esc: inventory
A/Left Arrow Key: left
D/Right Arrow Key: right
S/Down Arrow Key: down/climb down rope
W /Up Arrow Key: up/climb up rope
Space: jump
0-9: hotbar hotkey
Enter: chat
H: quick heal
J: quick mana heal
M: full screen map
B: quick buff
E: grapple
Shift: auto select

Tab: toggle minimap between modes: portrait, overlay, and hidden.

Terraria is, in my opinion, a great game. I first played it with a good friend of mine, and he showed me around - power mining, basic homes, uses of NPCs, crafting, bosses, meteors, infected areas, grappling, so so much, and it can be pretty overwhelming. Maybe it was just because I was playing with him, but I love this game.

There is so much to do, and so much you can make, it's amazing. And despite the retro 2D graphics and its obvious competitor (Minecraft) and a new game that may enter the ring (Starbound), this game is a really fun way to spend days and days. You can lose track of time completely and when you do tear yourself away, you see this game when you close your eyes. It made a massive impression on me, and really hit home what you can do even with only two dimensions to play with.

The only drawbacks I could really find in this game are the needs of someone who knows how it works, some repetitiveness and also the obvious draws of Minecraft and Starbound.

I think the really amazing thing about the game is how cheap it is. You can pick Terraria up on Steam for about £7 or £8, and sales can bring it down as low as £4.99 (or even lower occasionally). It’s worth it for such an expansive game you'll spend many hundreds of hours on.


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