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Video Game Character of the Month - December 2014 - Garrus Vakarian - Mass Effect

Video Game Character of the Month
December 2014
Garrus Vakarian
Mass Effect
Garrus Vakarian was requested in last month's Video Game Character of the Month (Samus Aran), I was entrusted to do this as I am doing a Mass Effect review shortly. A cheeky bit of info about Garrus:

He is a Turian
Formerly part of Citadel Security (C-sec)
Was a candidate to be a Spectre (The best warriors, answers only to the highest authorities)
In charge of the investigation in to a human claim that Saren Arterius (a spectre) had gone rogue
Joins Shepard in all three games
A good shot

Sniper Rifles
Murdering Criminals

Complicated policies
Having to do paperwork
Saren Arterius

Origin of Garrus Vakarian:
Garrus appears on the case of the original Mass Effect (a lot). He is described as a hot-head and is a beloved character of the Mass Effect series. Unlike many of his race, Garrus has an open mind towards humans. This racism originates from the 'first contact wars when humans first expanded their galactic territory. Garrus is, despite his roguish nature, a nice person that always strives to do good.

Shepard first meets Garrus in the citadel council meeting where Saren is first tried for treason. Shepard sees him arguing with his boss, Executor Pallin. This is very like Garrus, and Pallin quickly stops the argument by telling Garrus that there is no solid evidence to support the case. Before entering the trial, Shepard talks to Garrus and Garrus says he feels that Saren is guilty by saying he has a "gut feeling". After tracking down Garrus to prove that Saren is guilty, Garrus becomes a  member of the team and when Shepard becomes a (MILD SPOILER) Spectre, he joins the crew.(SPOILER OVER).

Evolution of Garrus Vakarian:
Garrus' race, the Turians, were originally designed to be a bird-like species with extreme military capabilities. Only some of the bird-like features remained (mainly in the general face shape) but Turians are infamous for their Military prowess. Some of the original artwork was incorrect to what the game showed. On the cover, Garrus in some places has the wrong coloured armour on and in others is missing his trademark visor (which was added very late in production)

Mass Effect: Released: Xbox: Australia: November 16, 2007 North America: November 20, 2007 Europe: November 23, 2007 Microsoft Windows: North America May 28, 2008 Australia June 5, 2008 Europe June 6, 2008 PlayStation 3: North America December 4, 2012 Europe: December 7, 2012
Mass Effect 2: released: Xbox 360: January 26, 2010 North America January 26, 2010 Australia January 28, 2010 Europe January 29, 2010 PlayStation 3: North America January 18, 2011 Europe January 21, 2011 Australia January 27, 2011
Mass Effect 3: released PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360: North America March 6, 2012 Australia March 8, 2012 Europe March 9, 2012 Wii U: North America November 18, 2012 Europe November 30, 2012 Australia November 30, 2012

You have been reading a Video Game Character of the Month by Olimg. Thanks and if there are any issues or mistakes please feel free to let me know in the comments section below. \/ \/ \/ \/ \/ Also, if you can think of anyone who should win the award in the future then please comment as well!


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