Friday, 12 December 2014

Review No. 91 Fallout 1 - PC (18+)

Strong Points:
Good story
Very strategy-centric - hexagonal tiles mean that strategy is key
Variety in weapons
Lore is really interesting - expected from Bethesda

Weak Points:
More RTS-like than the newer RPGs, although RPG elements are there
The graphics do not work on modern machines - many graphical glitches/missing textures on my machine
Combat is action point reliant - can be pretty dull
Game mechanics are not very well explained - trial and error as opposed to tutorials or testing grounds
Once you die, you lose your character (may be a welcome challenge for some, but I am not a fan)
No auto-saves (adds to annoyance of above point)

Rating: 54%

In-depth Review:

Release Date:
North America: September 30th, 1997
Europe: 1997

Controls: Source: Allgame
Mouse: click characters etc.
C: character screen
I: inventory
P: PIPBoy 2000 main screen
Z: PIPBoy clock
O Or Esc: options
B: toggle active items
M: toggle mouse mode
N: toggle active item mode
S: skilldex
1: use sneak skill
2: use lockpick skill
3: use steal skill
4: use traps skill
5: use first aid skill
6: use doctor skill
7: use science skill
8: use repair skill
Space: end turn
Enter: end combat or non combat
Tab: automap
Home: centre screen on PC
-: decrease brightness
+: increase brightness
F1: help
F2: master volume down
F3: master volume up
F4: save game
F5: load game
F6: quick save
F7: quick load
F10: exit to main menu
F12: screenshot
Ctrl+P: pause

The Fallout series is well known by the gaming community, mainly for Fallout 3 and New Vegas but many have missed the first entry in the series, which can be picked up pretty cheaply on Steam.

I had pretty low expectations for this game, being released in 1997 and all, but even so I was honestly disappointed from the get go, when I couldn't boot up the game, and when I did the opening cut-scene wouldn't show without rainbows fizzing across my screen.

Anyway, as I got into the game these glitches went away for the most part, and I could get onto playing the game, which was difficult without any clues on where to go or how quickly (you are given a time limit to complete the game, by the way). The storyline you follow is dull, although the background information is really interesting, with the end-of-the-world scenario that kicked it all off in pretty much every game since. Be prepared though, this information is pretty much shoved in your face every time you talk to anyone. They respond to a two word question with a five hundred (or more) word essay, and you have to read it word for word to make sense of what's going on.

The combat is what I thought the Fallout series would excel at, but I was wrong. Enemies surround you far too quickly, you have to use 'action points' like a turn based strategy, in fact that's what the combat is, and I find it a hard concept to master.

Overall this game is great for its story and lore but not so strong with its combat and mechanics in my opinion.


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