Tuesday, 30 October 2018

Film Review No. 45 Bohemian Rhapsody (12+)

Strong Points:
Outstanding performance by Rami Malek
Great selection of hits - more than you can count
Performance feel for the concerts
Great costumes
Good supporting cast
Very strong second half
Some outstanding scenes...
Some dramatic irony helped to make comedy...
Wayne's World joke and cameo

Weak Points:
Odd pacing
...and some mediocre ones
Some of the hair and makeup seemed cheap
Little development for characters besides Freddie
...but could also come across as patronising
Emotional pacing
The backing score was poor in comparison to the songs

Some spoilers ahead:

Note: I haven't judged the film on any historical accuracy as I, myself, don't know enough about Queen and Freddie Mercury to pass judgement on this. However, if you were expecting a documentary, perhaps look elsewhere.

Sunday, 21 October 2018

Film Review No. 44 Christopher Robin (PG)

Strong Points:
Amazing CGI
A great message
Some great bits of cinematography
Ewan McGregor plays Christopher Robin excellently
Inspired plenty of more games to play
Pooh's way of speaking
Christopher Robin's neighbour
Great chunks of nostalgia
Little bits of traditional animation
Classic songs make a reappearance

Weak Points:
Some of the animals are left out of most of the film
Christopher Robin's neighbour
The film sometimes relies on nostalgia too much, including with the time period - the entire film feels like a memory
Some of the darker elements

Warning: spoilers ahead

Monday, 1 October 2018

Video Game Character of the Month - October 2018 - Lucina - Fire Emblem

Video Game Character of the Month
October 2018
Fire Emblem
It is said that Lucina appeared from [REDACTED] in order to save the world. I know this to be false. She actually appeared to receive the prestigious Video Game Character of the Month award. Well, that and to go shopping for some more, truly awful, fashion choices.
And now for a little bit of info on Lucina:
Warning: spoilers ahead: