Wednesday, 10 January 2018

Review No. 136 Wolfenstein: The New Order - PC (18+)

Strong Points:
Involving story
Great voice acting
Subtitles for the Scottish voices
Good graphics and art style
Lots of guns
Satisfying gameplay
Perk system - upgrades what you use not what you think you'll use
Varied levels
Good length of game
Slower paced levels in headquarters allow you to breath
Some great characters...

Weak Points:
Start each level with either no weapons or random assortment
The final boss is cheap and overpowered (in Uber)
Blazkowic's face just looks confused all the time
Maybe a tad too much gore
...Some annoying characters
Wire cutter puzzles can be too sensitive
Journal entries

Some spoilers ahead:

Tuesday, 2 January 2018

Film Review No. 35 The Greatest Showman (PG)

Strong Points:
Awesome songs - high energy, powerful and with meaning
Great choreography
Made me want to clap and stand-up at the end of songs
Some twists and turns I didn't guess
Great parallels between two groups
The critic
Good acting all around
Some lovely wide shots
The editing
Understands the effect of acting

Weak Points:
Some slight pacing issues at the beginning
Some jumps in relationships - you understand but it's still slightly off
Not too sure about Queen Victoria

Some spoilers ahead:

Monday, 1 January 2018

New Year's Resolutions Version 5.0

What do you mean it's the end of the year already? I swear we just started... In any case, both the blog and YouTube have kept up their steady pace, with the blog breaking 100,000 views last month (November was also our best month with over 3500 views!) and YouTube nearly breaking 30,000. We also finally finished the Life is Strange let's play series and reviewed Warframe, both a long time coming! With the new year, comes new TV, with the UK finally getting access to the US's Fall season (without the mid-season break) and plenty of more reviews! Thank you to all who have read, shared and contributed to GamesAppsandReviews - it means so much to us and allows us to keep doing what we're doing! A perhaps more tumultuous year approaches, with some of the team going to university etc. but have no fear - we will continue!

Video Game Character of the Month - January 2018 - Spyro the Dragon - Spyro Series

Video Game Character of the Month
January 2018
Spyro the Dragon
Spyro Series

In the gaming industry's current quest to reboot all of the 90's gaming mascots (Sonic, Crash Bandicoot, Rachet and Clank etc.), Spyro has been sadly ignored. So, in order to show everyone's favourite purple dragon some love, I have decided to award him with the most prestigious award in all of gamingdom, the Games Apps and Reviews Video Game Character of the Month Award (which, interestingly, is also the holder of The Longest Award Name in Gamingdom Award).
A little bit of information on Spyro: