Thursday, 11 December 2014

Review No. 90 Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit - Xbox 360 (12+)

Strong Points:
Expansive world to drive in - map in the in depth review
Police chases are exciting (whichever side you're on)
Stunning graphics - better than Forza 4 (a contemporary) in my opinion
Great Audio Track - real songs used, and most of them are really cool
Easy to Learn, Difficult to Master - always presents challenge (even when you think you've finally mastered those twists on Oakmont Valley)
You can free drive wherever you want, in any car you want

Weak Points:
Races can be boring
Some missions are REALLY DIFFICULT (missions where you can't damage the car in any way)
EA force you to buy cars with real money

Rating: 76%
In-depth Review:

Release Dates:
North America: 16 November, 2010
Australia: 18 November, 2010
Europe: 19 November, 2010
Japan: 9 December, 2010

Controls: source: allgame

Basic Racing Controls:
Left Analogue Stick: steer
Right Trigger: accelerate
Left Trigger: brake/reverse
A Button: nitrous
X Button: handbrake
Right Bumper: cycle camera position
Right Analogue Stick: rotate camera
B Button: headlights
R3: take snapshot
Left Bumper (Tap): music (skip track)
Left Bumper (Hold): music (pause track)
Start Button: pause

Map Controls:
Left Analogue Stick or D-Pad: navigate map

With Event Highlighted:
Right Bumper: cycle event details/speedwall/friends compare
Y Button: post result to wall/enter free drive
X Button: driver details
Right Trigger: start autolog recommendation

With Event Highlighted and Speedwall Showing:
Right Analogue Stick: navigate speedwall
Back Button: view player profile

Dreamshot Mode Controls:
Left Analogue Stick: move camera
Right Analogue Stick: rotate camera
D-Pad Up Or Down: zoom in or out
Left or Right Trigger: camera up or down
Left or Right Bumper: tilt left or right
X Button: show or hide controls
Y Button: show or hide effects
Left Analogue Stick or D-Pad: navigate/change effects

A Button: take dreamshot

The Need for Speed (or NFS) series is well known for it's racing games, but Hot Pursuit was an unexpected triumph. This game introduced Cops into the game, and included a whole new game mode - hot pursuit - that involved you as a cop trying to bust racers, or you as a racer trying to bust the cops and win the race.

There are the typical races, duels (one on one races) and 'reduce damage' missions (which are IMPOSSIBLY hard) which are all pretty fun and give me a good challenge, but the hot pursuits are the highlight of the game (if only for the spike strips, road blocks, EMPs, helicopter ambushes and explosions).

Source -
My favourite mode, however, is free drive. The ability to pick any car, start at any point and drive without a care in the world is great, and it gives the opportunity to view the beautiful game that EA have created in beautiful cars.

Overall, this game is a great buy if you want to be able to drive in some of the fastest cars of 2010, or love general racing.


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