Monday, 26 May 2014

App Review No. 54 100 Balls

Strong Points:
Crisp and clear graphics
Nice, reaction based gameplay
Different premise

Weak Points:
Not too much incentive to keep playing besides competition
Only one mode
Can get boring during a long game

In-depth Review:

Release Dates:
World Wide: April 15, 2014

Tap and hold the screen to drop balls
Swipe to open the menu

100 Balls is a game that tasks you with getting balls in to cups. While this may sound simple, you only have 100 balls (as the name suggests) and if you miss a cup then you lose these balls. Also, if a cup makes it all the way round its circuit without holding a ball then it breaks. Oh, and did I mention that the cups speed up? This means that the game can become quite stressful if you manage to get to the later stages with six or more cups not broken (or even two or so cups if you are trying not to miss any balls).

Another thing that adds to the stress is that once your original stock of 100 balls has either been lost or placed into cups, you have to wait for the cups to bring round said balls again. This can prove a problem if two cups are nearing the drop off point and no balls to put in them. However, it also leads to a nice amount of planning ahead which makes the game have more depth and strategy. Adding to this is the fact that after a certain amount of time, the cups will change colour. Each colour corresponds to a certain score multiplier (green = 2x, blue = 3x, violet = 4x and red = 5x) and this leads to some more strategy as you decide whether a green and a blue cup should be sacrificed so as to make it easier to get the balls in the red cup. Also, if you get a coloured ball in a clear cup then the multiplier for that ball will still count but if you get a coloured ball into a different coloured cup then the ball will change colour and give you the new score multiplier. This can lead to you getting an increased or decreased score. Finally, there are two special balls that, when dropped into a cup, change the balls to white which gives you a 10x multiplier.

There are two scores that are recorded. The first is your actual score and the second is your level number. The level number goes up each time the first cup makes it round the whole cycle (if your first cup breaks then the second cup becomes the first cup and so on).

The graphics are crisp and clear, which helps you be able to judge how many balls you have left, how many to drop and when etc. The music is also really nice and relaxing and, with three to choose from, there is some variety. However, to add more variety, it would be nice if there were more than one game mode (perhaps one where you control how fast the conveyor belt goes while the balls drop automatically or something).

Overall, 100 Balls is a good, time wasting game that, if you want to become good at, can require quite a bit of skill and strategy.

Rating: 66%

Goodbye for now, Harry

Update: good news for all you left handed people out there! You can now reverse the cups movement in 100 Balls! Hooray! Also, a sound disappearing issue has been fixed among other bug fixes!

Update: challenge mode has arrived with an amazing 30 new maps!

Update: a new multiplayer mode has arrived in which you can make and play your own maps before challenging friends with your creations!

New and old music tracks added and many bug fixes

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