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Video Game Character of the Month - May 2014 - Master Chief - Halo

Video Game Character of the Month
May 2014
Master Chief
Master Chief is another one of those video game icons that I've been meaning to give the award to for a long time even though I've never played a Halo game (it's terrible, I know). And now, finally he gets it.
A quick bit of information on Master Chief:

His real name is John
Then it changes to John-117 when he goes to Reach and becomes part of the SPARTAN program
Then it becomes Master Chief (a combining of two of his ranks)
His full title is Master Chief Special Warfare Operative of the Navy
No one knows what his face looks like as he never takes his helmet off
He is a cybernetically enhanced super soldier (a SPARTAN)
He is seven feet (2.13 m) tall and weighs 1,000 pounds (450 kg) in armour
He is six feet, seven inches (2 m) tall and weighs 287 pounds (130 kg) without it.
He was born on March 7, 2511
Although his face is never seen in the games he apparently has brown hair and blue eyes

Origin of Master Chief:
Apparently, the main inspiration for Master Chief was a Clint Eastwood type guy of few words (thought of by Bungie). In fact, his voice acting (done by Steve Downes who had never even played a video game before Halo) was based completely on this statement. The character design was created by Rob McLees, project art director Marcus Lehto and Shi Kai Wang who did the concept art. One of Shi Kai Wang's original sketches was accepted but when converted into a 3D model was said that it looked to slim and feminine. He was created to be a man of few words so as to let the player think they were him. The same reason applies to why Master Chief never takes his armour or helmet off. This has both been praised and disagreed with critics saying that while the player's personality rubs off on Master Chief, the actual character lacks a depth of personality. The name was originally a place holder while the team were experimenting with ranks for the Halo universe (Master Chief was meant to be a rank that no one had seen before, it's certainly more exciting than the generic officer) but the name stuck. And so Master Chief was born.

Evolution of Master Chief:
Originally, Master Chief's armour was different but it evolved during development (such as an antenna being removed and the iconic green tint being added). Over the course of his long career Master Chief has saved the universe countless times, battled aliens like the Covenant and made friends with a robotic AI program called Cortana. His personality was never really explored until Halo 4 when he began to speak more even during gameplay. And during his long career, Master Chief has become an icon for shooters, Xbox and gaming in general.

Halo: Combat Evolved: released (North America) on November 15, 2001/(Europe) on March 14, 2002/(Japan) on April 25, 2002 on Xbox/(North America) on September 30, 2003/(Europe) on October 10, 2003 on Microsoft Windows/(North America) on December 3, 2003 on Mac OS X/(North America) on December 4, 2007 on Games on Demand
Halo 2: released (North America) on November 9, 2004/(Japan/Europe) on November 11, 2004 on Xbox/(Australia) on May 17, 2007/(North America) on May 31, 2007/(Europe) on June 8, 2007/(Japan) on June 21, 2007 on Microsoft Windows
Halo 3: released (North America) on September 25, 2007/(Europe) on September 26, 2007/(Japan) on September 27, 2007 on Xbox 360
Halo: Reach (Easter Egg): released (World Wide except Japan) on September 14, 2010/(Japan) on September 15, 2010 on Xbox 360
Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary: (World Wide) on November 15, 2011 on Xbox 360
Halo 4: released (World Wide except Japan) on November 6, 2012/(Japan) on November 8, 2012 on Xbox 360
Halo: The Master Chief Collection: released (World Wide) on November 11, 2014 on Xbox One
Halo 5: Guardians: released (World Wide) on October 27, 2015 on Xbox One

That's all on Master Chief for now but if you know anything I've missed or any mistakes I've made then please don't hesitate to comment. Also, if you know any characters that deserve the reward then comment that also. Until next month!

Goodbye for now, Harry



  1. awesome bio

  2. You shouldn't of listed just all the Halo games as he isn't in them all and the Halo universe is alot larger than Master Cheif

    1. Thanks for pointing that out. If you could tell me what games he is or isn't in it would help out a lot. Thanks again.