Tuesday, 3 February 2015

First Impressions: Minimum

First of all, I really like the graphics. Yes they're minimalist but that's the point. Also, while it is minimalist, it's also crisp and clear and helps you focus on the gameplay and, you know, actually shooting the enemies.

But, in this case, the enemies (or at least one of them) don't need to be pointed out with bright neon signs. That's because they're titans and, therefore, huge. They also form the basis for the only mode I've played so far (ignoring a disappointing attempt at hoard mode which ended in me being kicked for inactivity after I'd shot five people - and, yes, they were the enemies) - Titan Mode.

Titan Mode involves two teams trying to kill as many of the other team as possible... wait; that sounds rather generic and undeserving of the name Titan Mode, doesn't it? Well, this is because the actual way to win is by getting your titan (of such varieties as a giant dinosaur, giant ape and giant Mayan statue) to the other side's power core and preventing the opposition's titan from reaching your power core. The power cores take four hits from a titan to be destroyed and regenerate a hit every round. Rounds start with both titans walking towards each other, menacingly, before they 'clash' (a technical term for one of the most awesome boxing matches ever - I mean, seriously, dinosaur vs gorilla? Little Mac ain't got nothing on this!) leaving one titan dead and the other strolling forward. Now, you can shoot at the titans but, as far as I can tell, they do minimal damage so you really have to work together to do any damage to the hulking beasts.

After they have clashed, the remaining titan will continue it's, relatively short, trek to your power core, only stopping to destroy a defensive wall or get shot by a turret. These obstructions appear to, well, appear spontaneously and can't seem to be built. Not that you'll have any time to do that as you concentrate on killing the opposition with bullet, blade and hand grenade (and sentry turret). Rather than a health bar, you have to judge how much damage the opponent has taken by how much they are glowing. This, while looking cool, can be rather detrimental to your attempts at killing enemies before your killed as it takes quite a bit of judging. You can also equip yourself with armour from a choice of two sets (which can be mixed and matched) of chestplate, helmet and leg guards. The different parts all give separate bonuses and detrimental effects, so it will take a bit of experimenting to get the right set for your playstyle. Your weapon upgrades, as well, through killing enemies and picking up glowing white cubes but this upgrade disappears when you die.

The final part of the round involves you killing smaller enemies known as 'critters' so as to get more resources to buy armour. However, armour can only be upgraded three times and so you will find yourself running out of things to upgrade. The critters also give out titan upgrades which are needed to turn the tide of battle in your favour.

That's all that I got to say but I must say that Minimum looks to be quite a good game as well as the developers continue to update and support it.

Goodbye for now, Harry

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