Friday, 29 March 2013

Review No. 4 Star Fox 64 3D - 3DS (7+)

Strong Points:
Looks amazing
High scores are all right
Fighting is superb
Lots of replay value

Weak Points:
Really short (storywise)
Story is poor
Characters are boring

In-depth Review:

Release Dates:
Nintendo 3DS:
Japan: July 14, 2011
North America: September 9, 2011
Europe: September 9, 2011
Australia: September 15, 2011

Nintendo eShop:
PAL: October 4, 2012
North America: October 18, 2012
Japan: November 1, 2012

Game Controls:
Gyroscope: turn
Circle Pad Left/Right; turn
Circle Pad Up/Down: climb
Touch Screen: receive messages
D-Pad Up: somersault
D-Pad Right: change POV
D-Pad Down: U-turn
Home Button: display home menu
Y Button: launch/detonate bombs
X Button: boost/somersault
L Button/R Button: tilt left and right
Tap L Button/R Button Twice: barrel roll
A Button: laser
B Button: brake/U-turn
Start Button: display pause menu

Menu Controls:
Circle Pad: make selection
A Button: confirm
B Button: cancel/back
Touch Screen: confirm selection

This game is almost exactly the same to the game it is based upon. However, Star Fox does have a few extra modes/changes: local multiplayer, a 64-mode reminiscent of its predecessor or 3DS mode which tunes the game to the 3DS's gyroscopic controls and an extra 'Extreme' difficulty. There are three different vehicles (jetfighter, submarine and tank) all of which have slightly different controls and abilities. The Jetfighter is the best of them all and is quite fun to play. This game offers great replay value as there are multiple routes to get to the end and a high score board where you can try to beat your friends. Star Fox feels like it was made for the 3DS with great pick up and play value. Sadly, there is no online multiplayer and the game does feel very one note sometimes.

Conclusion: this is a game which on paper was a brilliant combination of old and new, but when you started playing the game it felt half finished. I easily completed the game in one hour and was bored within the first 20 minutes of playing the games. However, the 3D visuals really suited the game and made it better. Do not buy this game unless you like small, compact arcade games or are very competitive.

Rating: 74%

Thanks for reading, Satamer.

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