Sunday, 31 March 2013

Wii U Review Part 2 - Miiverse

One of the best applications on the Wii U is the Miiverse.

Miiverse lets you discuss different games in communities and draw pictures to do with the game. There are four sections on the Miiverse: Wii U, Special, Virtual Console and other all allowing you to select a community from that section. You can favourite communities and add and message friends. People can Yeah your posts and can follow you as well. The Miiverse has a lot of great artwork on it (sometimes too good)!

It is also acts as a walkthrough by allowing you to ask questions and take snapshots of your game. The Miiverse also lets Nintendo post regular updates about games on, their respective communities. It is a brilliant feature which I have spent hours on just doodiling random Triforces :). The Miiverse will be coming to mobiles, PC and 3DS in the future as well.

Thanks for reading, Satamer. 

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