Thursday, 28 March 2013

Review No. 3 Dragon Quest VIII: The Journey Of The Cursed King - PS2 (12+)

Strong Points:
Huge game (100+ hours)
Brilliant monsters
Lots of extras
Monster arena is amazing
Great, twisting storyline
Graphics are good
Soundtrack is amazing
Huge world
Characters all have their own great personality
Lots of great weapons and spells
Alchemy is amazing

Weak Points:
No co-op mode
Might be slow for some
Boss battles are sometimes too easy and sometimes very hard

In-depth Review:

Release Dates:
Japan: November 27, 2004
North America: November 15, 2005
Europe: April 13, 2006
Australia: April 12, 2006

Controls: Source:

D-Pad: walk, move cursor
Triangle Button + D-Pad: run
Left Analogue Stick: run/move cursor
Select Button: display battle records
Start Button: talk with party
L1 Button: rotate view left/move one tab left on menu screen
L2 Button: align view behind party leader/cancel
R1 Button: rotate view right/move one tab right on menu screen
R2 Button: toggle first-person view
X Button: confirm/action
Circle Button: display main menu/confirm
Triangle Button: cancel
Square Button: view map/cancel/close all windows

This game is the eighth instalment of the amazing Dragon Quest series and the first one in the series to be fully 3D. You play as a character (named by you) with a party of Angelo (a templar), Yangus (a bandit), Jessica (a mage), Trode (king turned troll) and Medea (princess turned horse) who follow you around and battle with you with the exception of Trode and Medea. Battles are random and turn-based with the ability to cast spells, use a weapon, use an item, psyche up (increases tension which increases damage), defend or run from the battle. Defeated monsters give out EXP and money as well the chance to get a chest which holds an item.

The menu allows you to equip equipment and items, see the level and attributes of your characters, check your monsters for the monster arena, change your tactics and use the alchemy pot. Alchemy allows you to create different items and equipment for your character by combining items you have n found in pots, chests etc. Towns have pubs, banks, weapon/armour/item vendors, casino's (2 towns have these) and inns as well as the usual houses.

Later on in the game you are allowed to capture certain monsters and pit them against other monsters in the monster arena which earns you rewards and gold. Also, later on in the game you can travel by ship and fly which allows access (monsters are stilled spawned in the ship) to new areas.

The storyline is brilliant, humorous and dark and sees you going off to lift a curse (which turned Trode and Medea into a troll and horse) by killing the evil jester Dhoulmagus who stole the King's sceptre and used its power to spread a curse around the whole castle. You are the only one who was not affected by the curse. Bosses are frequent and fun if a bit frustrating at times and will offer a real challenge. The dialogue has some voice acting in it and the script is very entertaining.

Conclusion: overall this game looks amazing, sound amazing and is extremely enjoyable. The storyline will make you laugh and cry and with over 100 hours of game play you won't run out of things to do easily.

Rating: 96%

Thanks for reading, Satamer.

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