Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Wii U Review Part 3 - GamePad

The GamePad is basically a tablet controller which allows you to have an asymmetrical (look it up) approach on games. The quality of the screen is sometimes better than the TV (depending on which TV you have) and is very easy to hold even if it is a bit heavy. It has two analogue sticks, A, B, Y, X, start and select buttons, a d-pad, a near field communicator, a TV controller, a microphone, a home button, a power button and two shoulder and trigger buttons (R, L, ZR, ZL).

Analogue stick: the controller.
A, B, Y, X, Shoulder and Trigger Buttons: different commands available.
D-Pad: another, more traditional controller.
NFC: place objects on it to take information of the toy and into the game.
TV Controller: most TV’s support the function for the GamePad to be a remote. You can change the volume, channel and input.
Microphone: used in various games and Wii U Chat.
Home Button: takes you to the home screen.
Power Button: turns GamePad on or off.

There is also a function on certain games to take the game off the big screen and just on the GamePad so that other people can watch the TV. Also, when searching the internet, you can press X on the GamePad which shuts some curtains on the TV allowing you to just search the internet on the GamePad and allowing the rest of the household watch a Mii doing juggling tricks.

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