Monday, 15 April 2013

Review No. 19 Super Smash Bros. Brawl - Wii (12+)

Strong Points:
Lots of characters
Lots of collectibles
Brilliant multiplayer
Good soundtrack
You can make your own stages
Amazing stages with gimmicks
Lots of content
Brilliant adventure mode
Trip down memory lane
Amazing final smashes
Assist trophies/ Pokéballs are also great

Weak Points:
Online multiplayer was rubbish
Training mode was poor
Some characters were 'clones' (Captain Falcon and Ganondorf, Nes and Lucas etc)
Some stages were boring

In-depth Review:

Release Dates:
Japan: January 31, 2008
North America: March 9, 2008
Australia: June 26, 2008
Europe: June 27, 2008

(Nunchuck and Wii Remote Only)
D-pad: shield/jump/grab
+ Button: pause
A Button: select/attack
Controls Stick: jump/move/crouch/drop though platform
C Button: crouch
Z Button: shield
B Button: special move/Final Smash
1/ 2 Button: taunt

Wow. This game is amazing. You must buy it. That is all.

No, seriously it is great. The amount of characters is brilliant and the character behind the characters is even better. With cross over games, it is often easy to make two or three characters great and the rest okay. In SSBB all of the characters are great. Yes, even you Peach, possibly. Another thing that huge crossover games can forget is the story but once again that is not a problem here, Subspace Emissary is brilliant.

You start the story with you being able to choose either Mario or Kirby to fight with. You brawl the other character and knock him back into trophy form. Of course, you could lose but if you do then I'd suggest leaving this game now, it only gets harder.

After that a new character directly from Brawl drops a Subspace bomb converting all of the characters, except you who escapes, into trophies. After this you follow a collection of different Nintendo characters story line as they team up to fight the Subspace army.

There are also other modes such as challenges which were short campaigns that give you certain character and rules to fight with. The vault holds stickers, CD's, trophies and masterpieces which are older games. This is the collector's home for certain.

One way to get trophies and stickers is coin launcher where you use coins gathered from Subspace Emissary to shoot at trophies and ships.

Another three modes in the game are where you have to hit a sandbag as far as possible, a game where you have to go around stages hitting targets as quickly as possible and finally different games where you have to battle a certain amount, 10/100/infinite, of droids.

There is also an all-star mode where you have to battle every single playable character in the game, unlocked after you have gotten every character. Another one of these unlockable modes is boss battle where you have to battle every boss in the game.

Of course, there is training where you can decide the rules for a brawl, which isn't great and also the mulitiplayer brawls which are amazing.

Conclusion: this game is brilliant, especially if you like reading about video game characters' histories. Or just like a good brawl, either way you should buy it. Now I must leave as the call of the brawl is in me.

Rating: 97%

Goodbye for now, Harry
Thanks for reading, Satamer.

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