Monday, 26 March 2018

5th Birthday

Half a decade. When this blog was started, way back in 2013, Grand Theft Auto V was starting its hype train. The Last of Us and Frozen were unknown quantities, and my average review was around 200 words. The blog was called Games Reviews and Other Stuff, I had just picked my GCSE choices and Pokémon had just transitioned to the 3DS. A lot has changed in this time, but guess what? We're still here! *party poppers*

They say that quality comes at the expense of quantity as the blog has refocused to deliver better content at larger intervals. I hope you can all agree it's been a good choice! We had 89 stellar posts this year, with a focus on reviews instead of first impressions. Our views have again increased, with our best month ever being November 2017 with 3811 views! and we've also broken 100,000 views in total. In terms of social media, the Twitters going strong with (as of time of writing) 385 followers, and Facebook's also seen an increase to 76 likes. This is all phenomenal data I never thought possible, so thanks all for proving me wrong.

Film and TV reviews took up the first part of the year, from summer blockbusters to old classics and the return on both Marvel's AoS and Doctor Who. Thrown in were a couple of Game Reviews and First Impressions, including The Witcher 2, which didn't take me quite as long to beat as the original, although about as long to review!

More Top 5's appeared in May with a Marvel based one (starting to see a favourite here) and another First Impression for Alien: Isolation, this time on a home PC. App Reviews returned with a vengeance in July, as I cleared out my phones homescreen, and cleared out my anger with a rant about RPG choices in August. This was also about the time I started writing for BagoGames as well, which you should definitely check out.

We had some long-standing reviews completed this year as well, with The Legend of Korra, Life is Strange, and Bravely Default entering the review vault. And... we're done. The year in a nutshell. Now for the stats!

First Review of This Year: Horizon: Zero Dawn (No. 130) with 66 views!
Most Viewed Game Review: GTA V (No. 68) with 386 views!
Most Viewed App Review: Two Dots (No. 56 - updated No.) with 4899 views!
Most Viewed Film Review: Spider-Man: Homecoming (No. 28) with 182 views!
Most Viewed Page: Leaderboards with 2272 views!
No. of Game Reviews: 139! (Including temporarily archived ones)
No. of App Reviews: 109!
No. of First Impressions: 108!
No. of Rants: 11!
No. of Film Reviews: 35!
No. of TV Reviews: 67!
No. of Satamer's Posts: 391 posts! (Including archived and collaborative posts)
No. of Harry's Posts: 233 posts! (Including archived and collaborative posts)
No. of Martin's Posts: 25 posts! (Including archived and collaborative posts)
No. of Euan's Posts: 20 posts! (Including archived and collaborative posts)
No. of Olimg's Posts: 9 posts! (Including archived and collaborative posts)
No. of Thomas' Posts: 21 posts! (Including archived and collaborative posts)
No. of Guest Author's Posts: 7 posts! (Including archived and collaborative posts)
Total No. of Published Posts: 668 posts!
No. of Labels: 65 labels!
Total No. Views: 103,846 views!

Latest Post: Marvel: Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: Deals With Our Devils (S4, Ep7) review with 47 views!

As always thank you SO much for reading, commenting and sharing this blog. Without your support, this blog wouldn't still be here. We can't wait to see how the fifth year of this blog pans out and I hope you will stay with us for the foreseeable future!

Thanks for reading, Satamer.

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The cake's trying to be healthy this year. But it's also a lie


  1. Give some giveaways or gifts to the readers of this blog if you want to celebrate the birthday. :D

    1. I'd love to! However, money and me are having a bit of a disagreement for me to be able to buy giveaway games. Hopefully, soon :)