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Video Game Character of the Month - April 2018 - Bandana Waddle Dee - Kirby Series

Video Game Character of the Month
April 2018
Bandana Waddle Dee
Kirby Series
How do you know a character's important? They either wear a hat when no-one else does, or they don't wear a hat when everyone else does. Either way, they are a trendsetter and Waddle Dee is no different, although is firmly in the former category. 

A regular Waddle Dee he is not, being almost on par with Kirby in terms of raw power. Coming from a devasted, war-torn wasteland, raised by mice and incapable of pronouncing the letter E, Bandana Dee had a difficult upbringing. His cold eyes give away nothing unless you can catch him unawares whereby he can be seen wiping the odd, acid infused tear from his left eye - his right eye, of course, is made of glass... None of this is true. But that doesn't make Bandana Dee any less deserving of the Video Game Character of the Month Award
Now for some more (true) information about Bandana Waddle Dee:

He has turned from a seemingly unimportant character to one of the main cast in recent games
He wears a blue bandana
He wields a spear as a weapon
He's reddish-orange in colour while other Waddle Dee's are orange 
He is a follower of King Dedede and is fiercely loyal
However, he has recently become friends with Kirby
He has a big interest in food
Sometimes he's timid and shy
Other times he's smart and cautious
He's not very good at the sport Megaton Punch
He's scared of the warp star
He sometimes uses a parasol as a weapon
He's the only main character in Kirby's Return to Dream Land to not appear as a playable character in the Smash Bros. series
He also wasn't given his own trophy in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U
He can sing
His species is Waddle Dee
He likes cake

Origin of Bandana Waddle Dee:
Bandana Dee first appeared in Kirby Super Star, as the first and easiest of the three opponents in the sport Megaton Punch. He appears again in Kirby Super Star Ultra, again in Megaton Punch and again, as the first opponent. However, he also fights Kirby in the Revenge of the King sub-game, much to the dismay of himself, as he believes he has no chance to beat Kirby. He's right, taking one inhale to beat. 

Evolution of Bandana Waddle Dee:
The first time you could play as Bandana Dee is in Kirby's Return to Dreamland. In Kirby Battle Royale Bandana Dee had more of a story role, helping Kirby get the cake. No joke, that's the story. In Battle Royale, he wields a parasol because of course, it's as powerful as a spear. In Kirby Star Allies (the newest entry) Bandana Dee returns as a playable character with his weapon of choice being the spear again. 

Kirby Super Star: released (Japan) on March 21st, 1996/(North America) on September 20th, 1996/(PAL) on January 23rd, 1997 on SNES
Kirby Mass Attack: released (Japan) on August 4th, 2011/(North America) on September 9th, 2011/(Australia) on October 27th, 2011/(Europe) on October 28th, 2011 on Nintendo DS
Kirby's Return to Dream Land: released (North America) on October 24th, 2011/(Japan) on October 27th, 2011/(Europe) on November 25th, 2011/(Australia) on December 1st, 2011 on Wii/released (Japan) on January 28th, 2015/(PAL) on February 19th, 2015/(North America) on July 30th, 2015 on Wii U
Kirby: Triple Deluxe: released (Japan) on January 11th, 2014/(North America) on May 2nd, 2014/(Europe) on May 16th, 2014/(Australia) on May 17th, 2014 on Nintendo 3DS
Kirby and the Rainbow Curse: released (Japan) on January 22nd, 2015/(North America) on February 20th, 2015/(Europe) on May 8th, 2015/(Australia) on May 9th, 2015 on Wii U
Kirby: Planet Robobot: released (Japan) on April 28th, 2016/(North America/Europe) on June 10th, 2016/(Australia) on June 11th, 2016
Kirby Battle Royale: released (Europe) on 3rd November, 2017/(Japan) on 30th November, 2017/(North America) on 19th January, 2018 on Nintendo 3DS
Kirby Star Allies: released (World Wide) on 16th March, 2018 on Nintendo Switch

That's all on Bandana Waddle Dee but, as always, if I've missed anything or made a mistake or you have a suggestion on who should win next month's prestigious Video Game Character of the Month award, then please don't hesitate to comment!

Thanks for reading, Satamer.

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