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Video Game Character of the Month - September 2019 - Rabbid Peach - Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle

Video Game Character of the Month
September 2019
Rabbid Peach
Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle
Eenie meenie miney mo. Which Rabbid should be awarded for going toe to toe with all of Mario's classic foes? Well, Rabbid Mario already has a vastly popular counterpart in Mario and so his name would be swept under the search rankings, Rabbid Luigi has a YouTube channel so the same there... Rabbid Yoshi? Yeah, that could be good. So, for this month's Video Game Character of the Month, we have Rabbid Yoshi Peach! Oh, guess it's Rabbid Peach then... Can I have my phone back now? 
And now for some more info on Rabbid Peach 
Some minor spoilers ahead:

She is a Rabbid 'SupaMerged' with a Princess Peach wig
She poor offence, exceptional defence and average mobility in-game
She uses a Blaster as her primary weapon - a mid-range gun which deals high damage
Her secondary weapon is a Sentry, a deployable turret-on-wheels which can't fire but can explode on enemies upon contact and can be used as a decoy on enemies
She has a 'Stylish Dash' which can be used to hit up to four enemies in one turn
She has a special ability called Shield which can reduce all movement and weapon damage by a certain percentage (50% and 60% respectively)
She also has a special ability called Heal which can heal a percentage of Rabbid Peach's health as well as any ally in range (up to 70%)
She is fond of taking selfies and is quite vain, flaunting her looks whenever she can
She is easily bored, being always on her phone
She is bossy, rude and inconsiderate - the complete opposite of Princess Peach...
However, she is also compassionate, shown by her being the designated healer in the team
When the team loses, she is shown throwing her Princess Peach wig off and leaving it on the ground, implying she isn't as 'SuperMerged' as some of the others
She might have a crush on Mario and is jealous of his and Princess Peaches relationship...
...Or she might just be taking her cosplay role seriously and believes she should be Peach
She has an Instagram account - rabbidpeach
She can grow a moustache
She follows pop culture such as Game of Thrones (Game of Bwaah) and the Brazil Football World Cup and Ubisoft games such as Watch_Dogs (Bwaatch_dogs) and Assassins Creed 
Her favourite plant is a Piranha Plant 
She likes yoga
She almost had a Battle Royale solo game... but it was an April Fools

She has blue eyes, but when in an adrenaline rush, her eyes turn red 
She is a spirit in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate...
And a coach in Just Dance 2018

Origin of Rabbid Peach:
As stated previously, Rabbid Peach was created when a Rabbid - a hyperactive, anthropomorphic rabbit was 'SuperMerged' with a Princess Peach Cosplay Wig. She starts the game with a Dash, a Team Jump, a Blaster and a Shield special ability. Her original Blaster is called the Fuchsia Fury, a 'luscious-looking lightgun'. 

Evolution of Rabbid Peach:
Rabbid Peach becomes progressively more friendly with everyone over the course of the game, allowing others to join in her selfies. She even becomes friends with Rabbid Kong in the Donkey Kong Adventure DLC after pushing him off a pillar in the main game. She can gain the ability to heal other team-members, deploy a Sentry and use a Dash Attack on multiple enemies. A statue of Rabbid Peach is unveiled in the Mushroom Kingdom at the end of the game. 

Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle: released (World Wide) on August 29th, 2017 on Nintendo Switch
Just Dance 2018/Just Dance Now: released (North America) on October 24th, 2017/(Europe/Australia) on October 26th, 2017 on Nintendo Switch 
Super Smash Bros. Ultimate: released (World Wide) on December 7th, 2018 on Nintendo Switch 

That's all on Rabbid Peach, but, as always, if I've made a mistake or forgotten anything, then please don't hesitate to comment! And let us know who you want to win the award next month!

Thanks for reading, Satamer.


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