Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Review No. 9 Super Pokémon Rumble - 3DS (7+)

Strong Points:
Nice art style
Lots of Pokémon to collect
Lots of modes
Lots of levels
Lots of replayability

Weak Points:
Gets repetitive
Weak storyline

In-depth Review:

Release Dates:
Nintendo 3DS;
Japan: August 11, 2011,
North America: October 24, 2011,
Europe: December 2, 2011,

Nintendo eShop:
Japan: January 30, 2013,
North America: December 20, 2012,
PAL: November 29, 2012,

Circle Pad: move/select menu items
Home Button: display the home menu
D-Pad: move/select menu items
Start Button: display pause menu/filter and sort
Y Button: check Pokémon info
B Button: back
A Button: talk/check/decide/send message
R Button: register a favourite Pokémon
X Button: display switch menu

In Super Pokémon Rumble, you are a toy Pokémon, Victini, from a Pokémon Toy Shop owned by your Mii. In the game, you beat different dungeons such as meadow or cave. In the dungeons, you have to beat some toy Pokémon and then a boss at the end. These different dungeons are held in fields outside of one of the five towns, Toy, Easterly, Westerly, Northerly and Axle. When beating the toy Pokémon in the dungeons, there is a chance that they could become your friend. If a Pokémon is your friend, then you can use it in later battles. If all of your HP runs out, then the Pokémon you are using is defeated and one of your three lives is taken. You can then choose one of your Pokémon that you got as friends for you to battle with. Once your three lives are taken, it's game over and you have to start that dungeon again.

There are three boss modes in the game. Battle Royal is a timed, free for all, where you will have to battle a certain amount of Pokémon and some boss Pokémon that are shown as shadows, along with their stats, at the start of the game. There is Team battle, where you have to battle a boss Pokémon, with their team. You have control of a Pokémon, and the 3DS controls another two. If you gain enough 'hyper points' then you can activate hyper mode, where you can use your Pokémon’s moves and your HP is upgraded for a time. In Charge battle, the combined score of your highest Pokémon is used to battle another team. After you have beaten the storyline, you get the option to battle the World Tournament, where you can battle the strongest Pokémon.

There is also a Streetpass feature where your team battles another person’s team and you can then use their strongest Pokémon. You can also unlock Pokémon through Streetpass hits and use play coins to buy some.

Conclusion: overall, I think that this game showed potential as a little pick up and play game but was let down by a short storyline, easy difficulty and pricing.

Rating: 55%

Goodbye for now, Harry

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