Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Review No. 20 Battlefield 3 - PS3 (16+)

Strong Points:
Amazing Graphics
Weapons are good with scopes
Good Online (sole reason to buy the game)

Weak Points:
Campaign is too short
No local multiplayer
Confusing storyline

In-depth Review:

Release Dates:
North America: October 25, 2011
Australia: October 27, 2011
Europe: October 28, 2011
Japan: November 2, 2011

Left Stick: move
L3: sprint/hold breath
Right Stick: camera
R3: crouch/prone
X: jump
Circle: use
Square: reload
Triangle: switch weapon
R1: fire
R2: melee
L1: aim
L2: grenade
D-Pad: light/fire mode/gadget
Start: pause

Vehicle, Helicopter and Jet are explained in-game.

This game looks amazing. The lighting, physics and realism are just astounding. When a soldier gets hit, you want to pull him to safety and kill who ever shot him. The level of detail is just astounding from exploding plant pots and glass when you hit them, to the characters' eyes following you around. You nearly feel like you are in the game. The controls are slightly difficult to master but when you do the accuracy of the gun is brilliant and you will be taking guys out in threes. The tank is fun to play in and so is the machine gun car but the Jet is a bit boring as it takes half a mission to understand how to use it and there are no dogfights! (at least in single player)

The campaign while thrilling and attractive while playing is incredibly short and the story is twisted and even when you have completed the storyline twice, it still feels confusing. Also, the amount of swearing means that if you have a younger person in the house you have to turn the sound right down or plug headphones in which ruins it a bit. I personally think a survival mode should have been included or something like Call of Duty Zombies because it would have made the game longer.

The multiplayer is brilliant and besides the graphics and realism is the sole reason to buy the game. You can fight against or with other players from around the world in different modes. However, there are two problems: no local multiplayer and that you have to make an EA account to play multiplayer. Local multiplayer would have been fun when you have friends over and the EA account means it is a long process to try and play the best feature of the game (an inclusion of 'guest' would have made it more appealing).

Conclusion: overall this is a fun and great looking game but some features are better than others and there are some bugs (you can sometimes float in midair!) I can't wait for Battlefield 4 which looks really good.

Rating: 74%

Thanks for reading, Satamer.

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