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Video Game Character of the Month - October 2014 - The Last Dragonborn - The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim

Video Game Character of the Month
October 2014
The Last Dragon Born
The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim
Nidro nu tiid fah faal Dovahkiin wah kron prestigious Bodilir Kred Edil do faal Tik. Nunon wah saag, Zu'u dreh faal Laat Dovahkiin ni pah do niin. Ol naan astute (or ni koraavnu readers fen ahmin Zu'u los ahk ni writing daar overview ko vomedaas tinvok. tinvok do dovah. Nuz waan hi los ni bozul ko Dovah tinvok med zey (Edit - rokro really ni ruz hi vis unstiid rotun nii het:
Now for a little bit of info on the Dragonborn:

He/she can be any of the ten playable races in Skyrim even though the game is set in the Nord's home.
He is prophesied to defeat Alduin
He is the latest in a long line of Dragon Born (which include all of the Septim line and could link him with the Emperors)
His full title is 'Born Hunter of Dragonkind'
He can use Thu'um or Words of Power from the Dragon's language
He has to absorb a Dragon's soul in order to be able to use a Word of Power
He has the body of a mortal but the soul of a dragon
He, and the other Dragonborn, are served by the Blades
He (and all other Dragonborns) is called Ysmir (Dragon of the North) by the Greybeards
They apparently tasted the flesh of a dead sibling when they were young (!)
They entered Skyrim illegally (even if he's a Nord) and so is sentenced to death (!!)

Origin of The Last Dragonborn:
Right, so I don't know much about how Bethesda came up with The Last Dragonborn so instead I will go into how he came about in game. But first, I do know this. That, while the Last Dragon Born can be any of the 10 playable races from the game and either gender, Bethesda had meant for him to be a male Nord with light brown hair and light blue eyes. This seems to be just a representation of a stereotypical Nord and also fits in with the lore in the best way. But back onto the lore! The Last Dragonborn's appearance was first prophesied upon Alduin's Wall, an artifact found in the Sky Haven Temple that predicts the return and defeat of Alduin as well as many other events leading up to it. At the beginning  of the game, the Last Dragonborn is taken prisoner along with some other thief's and the, one and only, Ulfric Stormcloak. He is then sentenced to death before being saved by the appearance of a Dragon (which is ironic when you think about it - especially due to it being Alduin himself). Not much is known about his/her past before this except that you appear to have had a sibling who is now dead. 

Evolution of The Last Dragonborn:
Over the course of the game, the Last Dragonborn learns many Shouts (or Thu'um) as well as becoming schooled in many different skills. He can get married and adopt children, become a thief, murderer, bard, mage, warrior or priest as well as acquire many different artefacts, armour and weapons. He can help Skyrim become a better place or massacre them all. The choice is yours. One thing's for certain though, he/she is destined to kill Alduin and save the world (something that I have yet to achieve due to the huge range of side-quests that the game has to offer).

The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim: (World Wide except Japan) on November 11, 2011/(Japan) on December 8, 2011 on PS3/Xbox 360/PC. 
The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim Legendary Edition: (North America) on June 4, 2013/(Europe) on June 7, 2013 on PS3/Xbox 360/PC

That's all on The Last Dragonborn but if I have missed anything (specifically on the Games section as I am not sure if he has been referenced in any previous games or not) or if you can think of another character that should win the award then please don't hesitate to comment. 

Goodbye for now, Harry

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  2. The dragon who appears is actually Alduin... and I think you could've talked about how all of the Seotim bloodline are supposedly Dragonborn. You should look into that.

    1. Thank you for commenting this information and it has been added to the post. If you have any other information concerning the character (or any of the other characters that I have awarded the award) or another character you feel deserves the award then please comment as well. Thanks again.

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