Tuesday, 28 October 2014

First Impressions: Sid Meier's Civilization: Beyond Earth

(Warning: the amount of turns are not completely accurate)

Turn 1:
Right, I've made planet fall and started with a free Worker thanks to my Cargo choice as well as 3 Energy and 1 Health in every city due to my Colonists choice. My Spacecraft lets me start with 100 energy and I also belong to the Kavithan Protectorate which makes my Cities and Outposts grow quicker. I've landed on a hexagon containing some Food, Production and Energy and set my Worker on making a Plantation next to my City so as to increase my food production. I've also set my Explorer off to find some resource pods. Finally, my city has been set to produce another worker and I am researching the Pioneering technology so as to get Colonists. Oh, and I am on standard sized world, standard difficulty and a Terran planet, by the way.

Turn 2:
I've found a resource pod and gained a Satellite which I put into orbit over my city, thereby gaining more Energy every turn. I've also started a quest which wants me to find another resource pod. My Worker is also making headway in to making that Plantation.

Turn 3:
I found another resource pod and got 50 energy. Also, the ARC have made planet fall and I attempted diplomatic negotiations with them, to which they refused.

Turn 5:
I found an old skeleton with my Explorer and have started an expedition on it.

Turn 8:
My second worker was created and I have set to work making two generators (my other Worker finished the Plantation as well). The generators give me Energy without getting rid of the Food on those tiles. My city is now producing a Colonist due to my Pioneering tech and I am now researching Planetary Survey's so that I can go into the water.

Turn 10:
I finished the expedition and gained a Manticore (which is an alien with a ranged attack) as he now thinks that I am whatever the skeleton had once been.

Turn 12:
About 6 different factions have made planet fall now, but I have failed to make any permanent alliances with them. However, a couple have agreed not to settle too close to me.

Turn 15: got a Trade Route with an NPC which gives my yet more Energy.

Turn 18: my Colonist is finished and I am setting off to get another City. Creating Soldiers now.

Turn 22: Soldiers have been made and I am now setting off to explore the north. I find Freeland which is Polystralia's City.

Turn 25:
Killed a Siege Worm with my Manticore and the help of Freeland's missiles.

Turn 30:
I've declared war on Freeland and stole one of their Workers which is helping to develop my second City.

Turn 32:
Another of their Workers is now mine! Also, my first City is now huge and I have almost ran out of things for my Workers to do there.

Turn 35:
I made a Clinic in my first City and now have to decide between giving free health to my citizens or my army. I go for my army as the overall reward is better.

Turn 40:
After Polystralia attempted to discuss about 5 terrible peace treaties with me, I attack their city with some Rangers and Soldiers. My Manticore had been killed by their City's missiles slightly earlier. I also start researching the Ballistics Tech after finishing researching Physics. It'll take 34 turns.

Turn 45:
They had tanks. Tanks! Suffice to say, my army was destroyed. Only one set of Rangers survived and have now taken defensive positions in my second city.

Turn 50:
I am now trying to deal with a Siege Worm and Polystralia at the same time. My Rangers level up and gain some more attack.

Turn 63:
I finally kill the Siege Worm, after it killed my Trade Route with my first City. My Rangers are then killed by Polystralia.

Turn 70:
The combined strength of some Soldiers and Rangers as well as my second City's missiles push back Polystralia and we settle an uncertain Peace Agreement.

Turn 74:
Ballistics finally finishes and I start to develop better missiles!

Turn 97:
My Explorers have now trudged across most of the map and nothing is really going on as I struggle to keep my cities going. The land is covered in Siege Worms and the Sea is full of Krakens. And yet, I can't do very much as everything is taking so long to develop. I'm beginning to get a bit sick of moving two spaces with my Explorers and then pressing next turn. Oh well, I'm sure something interesting will happen soon! At least, I'm starting to clear that annoying, poisonous miasma...

And this is where I stopped playing. This seems to be the main problem with this game, in that you just simply run out of things to do about halfway through the game (which, for me was turn 97). Apparently the end games really good though, so I guess I'll just have to trudge through the middle.

Overall, Beyond Earth starts strongly and, apparently, ends strongly as well, but you have to get through the middle to get there.

Goodbye for now, Harry

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