Monday, 11 November 2013

App Review No. 25 NinJump Rooftops

Strong Points:
A good, solid endless runner
Good use of the enemy powerups from the last game
Good pick up powerups
Upgrades aren't ridiculously expensive
Multiple planes of view make it different from other endless runners

Weak Points:
Missions are basically useless except as a coin bonus due to there being no levelling system and therefore no competitiveness with missions
Some enemies (ninja, squirrel and bird) are really common and others (bee and panda) are less common but their power doesn't increase
Not enough upgrades (it would be nice if you could upgrade the enemy powerups as well)

In-depth Review:

Release Dates:
World Wide: 28th September 2013

Tap to jump
Hold to jump higher
Double Tap to double jump

When I saw that, there was another NinJump game on the app store my hopes (and expectations) were high. Then I saw that it was a runner and thought that it was just going to be a copy of all the ones before it without staying true to the spirit of NinJumps (not mentioning any names cough, Mega Jump, cough). Then I played it.

Well first of all, they tied it in very well to NinJump by saying that the Ninja had reached the top of the building (after like 7000M or so you would have thought that he would have done it earlier but...) and is now running across the rooftops instead. They also brought the enemies from the classic version back as well (ninja, squirrel and bird to name a few) which I was glad to see as well as bringing the powerups that you get from them (which I was even happier to see.)

Added on to this is the upgradable power ups which includes things like the shield to sushi that turns you huge (and invincible to enemies but not drops) to magnets or double coins. You can upgrade these powerups up to five times (three with coins, 2 with jade) to make them appear more often and in the case of superninja, magnet and triple jump you can also make them last longer.

Overall this game is a good solid runner while sticking true to the originals spirit. Great fun and addictive, you'll be playing this one for hours.

Rating: 90%

Goodbye for now, Harry

Update: come one and all to see the amazing acrobat ninja! With our new special feature of 'daily mission rewards which get bigger and better each time you do one' as well as new 'powered costumes such as the triple jumping chicken costume and the magnetic robot costume'. There may even be the rare and exciting 'panda costume that, while not powered, is pretty awesome in its own right'. Throughout our 30-day tour you'll see just as many 'gameplay scenarios which get harder and more exciting the longer they go on for!' Finally, once our tour is over you will have the chance of dropping your Ninja Token into the jade bucket, providing the NinDrop challenge permits it, which will reward you with a special prize. So what are you waiting for?! Come and see the amazing acrobat ninja today!

Update: many bug fixes

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