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Review No. 64 Wii Sports Resort - Wii (7+)

Strong Points:
Lots of games
Multiplayer is as good as Wii Sports
Single Player is fun
Even more variety
Better, more accurate controls
Swordplay, Wakeboarding, Table Tennis, Bowling, Cycling and Air Sports are great
Basketball, Archery are all right
Graphics are good for the console

Weak Points:
Golf, Canoeing, Frisbee and Power Cruising are not as good
Tennis isn't in the game!
While the Wii Remote Plus is good for controls, it is fiddly to put on especially with the Nunchuck which disrupts the flow of the game slightly
Some of the games are not as polished as the others

In-depth Review:

Release Dates:
Japan: June 25, 2009
Australia: July 23, 2009
Europe: July 24, 2009
North America: July 26, 2009
South Korea: June 24, 2010

Different for each sport but mostly motion controls. Detailed controls in-game

This game is the sequel to the incredibly successful Wii Sports and being the third best-selling game of the Wii, isn't bad either. There are now twelve sports with only two returning from Wii Sports (bowling and golf) but with separate events for each one (getting rid of training mode), brings the total of events to 24. There are also stamps in the game which are basically trophies gained by doing certain things in each event.

The Wii Remote Plus is a brilliant addition to this game and allows you to have more controls and perform more tricks which the Wii Remote just couldn't do (barrel rolls, rowing etc.). However due to it not being free equipment and the fact that it is required to play the game this also limits it when you might not have enough Wii Remote Plus's to go around. This is fixed slightly though with most games allowing you to go in turns instead of together.

The graphics and sound of the game have been greatly improved from its predecessor with detailed backgrounds and textures. Single player has also been improved with some of the events being a lot more fun for single player and some only being for one person. Of course, multiplayer is where this game truly shines but not as much as with the first game due to the balancing with single player and the removal of some sports.

Now comes the games and the first is swordplay. Swordplay is great for single player and multiplayer and has three separate events: Dual, Speed Slice and Showdown with the first two being 1 - 2 players and Showdown being single player. The controls are responsive and each event is really fun and shows off the improved controls of the Wii Remote Plus.

Wakeboarding and Archery are the most basic of the games with Wakeboarding making you go over the wave made by a boat and shake the Wii Remote to gain points while Archery is literally an Archery game. They are both primarily single player games and while are simple are also really fun with Wakeboarding edging ahead of Archery due to its originality.

Table Tennis is this games Tennis and is surprisingly good fun with accurate controls and good multiplayer aspects. Return Challenge is fun and the animations of the other Miis are surprisingly good. Basketball is brilliant in multiplayer but lacks playability in single player. Multiplayer is basically a shooting match with other players being allowed to intercept you but can't move much while single player is another shooting challenge but against the clock. What lets this event down is the lacklustre controls (not being able to move independently makes the game slightly frustrating.

Cycling, Canoeing and Power Cruising are all good in their own way but cycling, while not original with controls, is the best of the three. Cycling makes you ride around a course taking energy in to account while trying to get first place. Canoeing is all right but the controls are unresponsive and you will be going in circles for most of it unless you are experienced. Power Cruising is the event I have played the least of due to it not being particularly original in controls or experience and the fact that Cycling is in my opinion just more fun.

Bowling is great as always and with the addition of 1000 pin bowling (100 pins per turn) and challenges from the old game making a return will provide you and your family with many hours of entertainment. Air Sports is probably the best event in the game and with three completely different activities in the game - Skydiving, Dogfight and Island Flyover - there is plenty to do. Skydiving is what opens the game and allows you to join up with other people and take photos to gain points. Dogfight is the only multiplayer activity in this event and makes you shoot down the opposition in your plain. Island Flyover could have been a game on its own (and it is in Pilot Wings Resort) and tasks you with collecting as many points of interest in five minutes as possible. These are then recorded in your logbook with unlockables.

Golf and Frisbee are all right with Golf being better (and longer) than last time with improved controls and an 18-hole course. I personally still find it boring and repetitive though. Frisbee really takes advantage of the Wii Remote Plus's improved controls and tasks you with through a Frisbee to your dog in a variety of courses. You can also play an 18-hole game of Frisbee golf.

Conclusion: overall this game improved on its predecessor in many important ways and really showed off the Wii Remote Plus's capabilities.

Rating: 92%

Thanks for reading, Satamer.

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