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App Review No. 24 Hill Climb Racing

Strong Points:
Lots of content
Content is easy while still challenging to get
Gameplay is good
Gameplay changes (in stages and vehicles) are good and different
Great put time in get rewards back system

Weak Points:
Graphics aren't great
Controls are a bit fiddly
Some of the latest vehicles/ stages are a bit gimmicky
In some parts of the stages you can get stuck and have to wait for your fuel to run out

In-depth Review:

Release Dates:
World Wide: 2012

Tap accelerate or brake to speed up/ lean right or slow down/ lean left

Obviously, addiction and pick up n play styles are key to most good apps and this one uses these two things to their full advantage. With its 'possible to get' upgrades and time put in = rewards returned system this game is great.

In it you control some sort of rag doll driver creature guy who, for some reason wants to get as far as possible across some impossible terrain in a variety of fantastical vehicles. The controls are a little strange with the left button acting as a reverse and spinning left and the right one acting as an accelerator and spinning right but after a while, you get used to them. Also, due to the controls having no gyroscopic aspects you can play this game anywhere including on the bus/car/tank/hovercraft.

With loads of stages (14 at the time of writing) and as many vehicles (and four upgrades for each vehicle) this game is full to the brim with content. Not to mention the fact that it is still being updated. Each of the stages have different gameplay mechanics (my favourite being the low gravity on the moon although I haven't tried every stage yet) and each of the vehicles have different aspects to them as well such as the speed on the race car or the huge wheels on the monster truck or the gun turret (which you sadly can't fire) on the tank which means that certain vehicles are better on certain stages than others.

To get the coins that you use to buy vehicles, stages and upgrades you can either collect them by running over there in stage sprite or get them by doing tricks. It’s the latter one that you will be doing, trust me. The reason for this is that the highest coin sprite is 500 and you can get 1000 coins for doing one flip. And even better than flipping is just staying in the air for long enough to get air time, big air time or insane air times. These air times can give you any number of coins as long as you stay in the air (I would suggest going on the moon for this purpose as its low gravity lets you get tens of thousands of coins per jump.)

Overall this game is one of the most addictive games on the app store but also has some room for improvement. A must buy (and it’s free!).

Rating: 91%

Goodbye for now, Harry

Update: new high scoring system: you now have vehicle high scores! Oh, and the driver looks slightly better now as well. Also, there's a new vehicle, the Kiddie Express! Guess what it is! No seriously, guess! No?! It's a roller coaster! Guess you weren't expecting that! Now the only question is, where are they getting the tracks from? 

Update: 2 new levels: night and Xmas (this ones on the house!). Also, the Dragster turns up to have a go at hill climbing!

Update: it turns out that our Hill Climber isn't on the run from the law, he is the law! You can now race around in a Police Car in your favourite scenes around the Hill Climb Racing world. And a new scene has appeared as well! Sick of climbing below the roofs of houses Hill Climber has decided to take to the rooftops and climb hills there. Are there even hills on rooftops?

Update: a new safety vehicle (the Ambulance) and a stage that completely ignores safety (the Junkyard). Well, I guess you need a reason to save people.

Update: a new vehicle (the Big Finger or just a bigger version of the Monster Truck) and a new stage that still ignores all safety procedures (Construction). Also, a high score menu has been implemented allowing you to show off easier than ever before! Finally, a distance to next fuel meter has been added so that you don't have to spend so much time memorising the track layout.

Update: a colourful extravaganza awaits with a new vehicle (Hippie Van) and a Rainbow level.

Update: one small drive for car kind, one giant leap for Hill Climb Racing! New vehicle Moonlander is here, as is a Finnish translation, achievements and much more!

Update: celebrate Halloween with a new level (Haunted), a new Halloween driver costume, a new achievement and scary kinetic scrolling in stage and car menus is in this update.

Update: celebrate Christmas this year with a trip to the North-Pole. To get there, why don't you take a Sleigh? You can even now bring your iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.

New Vehicles - the Minibike and the Super Offroad
New Level - the Nuclear Plant
2 new achievements
Secrets and bug fixes

New Level - Boot Camp
New Languages - Korean, Traditional Chinese, Dutch, Malay, Hindi, Thai and Turkish

New Vehicle - the Fire Truck
Bug fixes and minor improvements

New Level - Mysterious Ragnarok
Minor bug fixes and improvements

Bug fixes for Ragnarok

New Vehicle: Hot Rod
Vehicle upgrades can now be downgraded

New Level: Factory

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