Thursday, 11 September 2014

App Review No. 64 Swing Copters

Strong Points:
Clear graphics
Sound effects have a retro feel to it
Unlockable characters
Easy to learn, hard to master
Randomized layout means the app will always be different

Weak Points:
Pretty much impossible to master
Sometimes too challenging
No tutorial or learning curve
Leaderboards seem to be, again, hacked
Slightly harder to learn than Flappy Bird
Gameplay is not quite as simple as Flappy Bird

In-depth Review:

Release Dates:
World Wide: 13th August, 2014

Tap to change direction

As you can probably see from the strong points and weak points, this game is always going to be compared to its predecessor, Flappy Bird. And it's actually quite similar as well, with a few changes here and there.

First off is the difference in gameplay. Gone are the quick flaps up and falling down of Flappy, instead to be replaced by slower, less immediate movements. It's hard to explain exactly what it feels like but, with the target of replicating at least part of the feel of a helicopter's flight, the Copter doesn't move straight away and instead has to slow down, turn and gain speed again. The amount of time it takes to turn increases with the amount of time you spend without turning so it still ends in frantic button mashing in order to stay more or less central and so preventing long turns.

Also, rather than just simple vertical pipes the game has both horizontal scaffolding and swinging hammers. These hammers add to the level of difficulty as it gives you another thing to dodge and, not only are they there but they also move! This, coupled with the different movements, adds to the difficulty and prevents it from being quite as addictive as Flappy Bird (although it comes close). Also, it is slightly harder to learn but easier to master due to the added control that you have over your character (once you get used to it).

Next up is the rewards. Not only do you get a medal a la Flappy Bird but you also get a new character to play as! This adds to the game and makes it stand out more from the shadow of its predecessor. Another thing that it took from its big brother is the great, crisp graphics and annoyingly catchy sound effects.

Overall, Swing Copters is a great game with its own personality but, sadly, it
will always fall in the shadow of Flappy Bird.

Rating: 70%

Goodbye for now, Harry

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  1. Great, another flappy bird. Who and why would do this?!?!?!?!?