Saturday, 13 September 2014

App Review No. 65 BREAKFINITY

Strong Points:
Good, classic Breakout gameplay with a twist
Nice, classic graphics
Good powerups
Nice controls
Nice sound effects
Some variety in levels
Everything can be paid for through in game crystals or by watching a video
Defence Shield is a nice add on that makes it slightly easier
No ads (other than videos that you can choose to watch)!

Weak Points:
Only three upgrades for power ups
Only one mode
Not enough powerups

In-depth Review:

Release Dates:
World Wide: 2nd April, 2014

Move your finger across the screen to control the paddle
Tap to use buttons

BREAKFINITY is a game based on the classic Breakout game. At first glance it appears to merely be a clone, it plays the same (with you moving a paddle in order bounce a ball so as to hit some blocks) and even looks like a newer version. However, it has a few twists.

The first one is the way that you progress. Rather than having to break every single block on a screen to progress, all you have to do is break enough in order to pass the wall and of the top of the screen. Instead, breaking blocks only reward you with points. But why is it needed for you to break through the blocks other than just for progressing? Well, as well as having to keep the ball in play, in classic Breakout style, you also have to worry about the wall of blocks reaching the bottom of the screen, As the blocks move further down the screen, you will have less time in order to react to the ball's movements which means you have to focus on, not just getting points, but also progressing to the next level.

To aid you in your quest in domination over the blocks are a number of powerups. These range from increasing the size of your ball/paddle to slowing the ball down all the way to giving your paddle lasers (!). The powerups are acquired by hitting small pickups with your paddle. The pickups all have a letter that corresponds to the powerup they hold (i.e. L for lasers or S for slow). Three of the powerups (the lasers, the paddle enlarger and the bomb/ball enlarger) can be upgraded to a maximum of three times using crystals. Crystals are earned either by watching videos, paying real money, or by breaking certain blocks. There is one of these blocks per level and each one takes three hits to beat. The final powerup is a defence shield that places a row of blocks at the bottom of the screen, thereby letting you miss the ball occasionally and still survive. However, the blocks disappear after they've been hit once, so it's not an invincibility power. The last thing that crystals can buy is an extra life at the end of the level, with the price steadily increasing with every purchase that round.

The graphics and sound effects are both really nice and have a retro-y feel to them while both still sounding great. One thing (besides more powerups and upgrades) that would be nice is an extra mode such as something that replicated the original Breakout's gameplay (without the moving blocks).

Overall, BREAKFINITY is a great, and addictive, game that really shows the love that the developer has shown it. I hope for future updates.

Rating: 70%

Goodbye for now, Harry

Update: the multi-ball powerup has been added!

Update: streamlined menus and iCloud support have been added

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