Wednesday, 17 September 2014

App Review No. 66 Swipe the Arrows

Strong Points:
Good, strong gameplay
Three separate modes
Clean graphics (in black and white mode)
Colour mode can be turned off

Weak Points:
Colour mode is strange and disorienting
You can't choose which colour you have in colour mode
Sound effects aren't great
Can be frustrating

In-depth Review:

Release Dates:
World Wide: 28th July, 2014

Swipe the black arrows in the direction they are pointing
Swipe the dotted arrows in the opposite direction to where they are pointing

Swipe the Arrows is much like a game I used to play in Cub Scouts. It was called 'head it, catch it' and the title makes it sound easy. Much like Swipe the Arrow's. You just head and catch the ball (or swipe the arrows) right? Wrong. The reason for this is that when someone shouted 'head it' you had to catch it and when someone shouted 'catch it', you had to head it. It's almost the same for Swipe the Arrows, with you having to swipe the black arrows in the direction it's pointing but you have to swipe the dotted arrows in the opposite way to which they're pointing. This playing with your mind is what makes Swipe the Arrow's so hard, and fun.

If the game just had you swiping arrows in the direction that they're pointing with a steadily increasing speed, then it would be much easier and less fun. I mean, yes, you would still make mistakes and you would still do well but this would be more about quick physical reflexes rather than mental ones and therefore, making it similar to the many endless 'runners' out there. But, by making some of the arrows a trick, you also have to think more which, in my opinion, makes the game more in depth and fun.

As well as mental trickery, the game also has a few other tricks up its sleeve. The first of these is the steadily increasing speed, I talked about earlier (something that the lack of would make the game much too easy) while the other is the limited amount of time you have to swipe an arrow. This adds to the mental and physical reflexes because, not only do you have to work out what direction you have to swipe, but you also have to work it out quickly.

There are three modes in the game, all of them fairly regular. The first, and main, one is Arcade Mode which has you swiping arrows (which steadily speed up) in order to get a high score. The next two are both to do with time but are subtlety different. Time Attack Mode has you swiping stationary arrows with a 30-second-time limit. The decision is, do you slow down and work out which arrow is which and risk running out of time or do you speed up and risk messing up an arrow. Race Mode, however has you trying to swipe 30 arrows in as little time as possible with the dilemma being much the same as Time Attack Mode.

The graphics are crisp and clear when in black and white mode but when colour mode is turned on, the crispness disappears. The reason for this is that colour mode covers the game in a semi-transparent/solid colour (which changes when you progress in the different modes). This makes the game much harder and uglier than it needed to be (although some of the colours, such as dark blue, work, the inability to decide which colour you have stops it from being a reasonable choice and has you stuck with an ugly semi-transparent orange).

Overall, continuing with my analogy at the beginning, Swipe the Arrows is a game that generally manages to hit all the right moves but, sometimes head's the ball when it needed to catch it.

Rating: 66%

Goodbye for now, Harry

Update: bug fixes

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