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Video Game Character of the Month - December 2018 - Clem - Warframe

Video Game Character of the Month
December 2018
So, Clem what do you think about earning this prestigious reward?
Ah, yes, it really is a high honour, and most deserving to
Oh, you want to thank some people?
Your Grakatas. You want to thank your Grakatas?
Okay then.
And now, some more information on the enigma that is Clem.

Clem is a Grineer defector
He can only say Clem and Grakata
Clem can understand language, however, and can take orders
He wields Twin Grakatas
He has a similar look to Lancers
He works for Darvo as an undercover contractor
He is shorter than other Lancers
He wields the Latron when away from his Twin Grakatas 
He was created by a player called Dater Reaper
Data Reaper's comics also inspired the Twin Grakatas
Clem is the 3rd official concept that was inspired by a community-run joke
The player can acquire Clem Clone Blueprints which deploys a clone of Clem to fight for you
He is an incredibly capable fighter
He cannot die in weekly missions
Clem was originally the name of the medallion trader for Steel Meridian 
He wears a mask on top of his other mask
He wears a Syandana
He has a Latcher attached to his back
Clem was given trying to collect the Potato (Potent Orokin Augmentation and Tactical Offensive device) before he was captured

Clem was created by the player Datareaper for a comic strip detailing a Grineer Lancer who wanted to be a Tenno (the comic). Originally given a Latron to use, Clem instead wanted a Grakata and when that wasn't accepted, he went for Twin Grakatas. Other areas of Clem's final design Datareaper influenced includes his mask placed on top of his other mask, his Syandana (originally an Asa Syadana in the comics) and the Roller on his back.

Clem was originally the name of the medallion trader for Steel Meridian - he can now take the place of the medallion trader depending on the player's allegiances, either moving there or staying next to Darvo in the relays. He can also be found in Iron Wake after completing the Chains of Harrow quest Clem was officially added alongside the A Man of Few Words quest. In the quest Darvo asks the Tenno to rescue Clem, a Grineer defector turned undercover contractor for Darvo. Upon rescuing Clem you then set out to find his Twin Grakatas. After finishing the quest, a weekly mission is unlocked (talk to Darvo in the relay and use the prompt "does Clem need my help?") where you can be rewarded with a Clem Clone Blueprint. A couple of changes from the original comics include changing the Ash Syadana to a Udyat Syadana and swapping the Roller on his back with a Latcher.

Warframe: released (Worldwide) on March 25th, 2013 on the PC/(North America) on November 15th, 2018/(PAL) on November 29th, 2013 on PS4/(World Wide) on September 2nd, 2014 on Xbox One/(World Wide) on November 20th, 2018 on Nintendo Switch 

That's all on the Clem as he needs to get back to Tenno training. But, if you see any mistakes/think I've missed anything out or if you have an idea about who should win another month's prestigious Video Game Character of the Month award, then please don't hesitate to comment!

Thanks for reading, Satamer.

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