Thursday, 27 August 2015

Comments: Kobé Steakhouse - Frogger

Back to the Kobé restaurant today and I had another (rather short go) at another classic. Frogger. The cross the road game that all other cross the road games aspire to be. However, my experience with it was short and bitter sweet. 

The game being on an emulated piece of hardware, it wasn't the most responsive. Couple that with some rather "generous" hit boxes and poor little Frogger got ran over by a car. It then drowned in the river (this particular frog never went to swimming school.)

I finally got to the end, jumped and died. I put another 2 quarters in and tried again. All three times I got to the end and all three times, I died. Which was frustrating. Anyway, overall the game was fun when you got through at least. 

Thanks for reading, Satamer.

Hop, hop, hop... die

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