Saturday, 29 August 2015

Comments: Men In Black: Alien Attack

When we went to Universal Studios we entered what appeared to be a pretty harmless tour through the Universe and You!

Little did we know that we had entered a secret MIB training facility and were about to be taken down to a simulation test by a tour guide with an alien weapon. Oh and we walked past a load of aliens as well. Quite the roller coaster really (although not an actual one, mind).

And, then, our simulation was taken over by aliens, forcing us to use our training in a fight for our lives (and points) as well as defeat the turncoat team riding next to us and, finally, defeat the Big Bug by using the Big Red Button. Phew.

We emerged, memories presumably wiped with only numbers left in our thoughts. Thinking they were points, we ranked ourselves:
5) My sister - 11,000
4) My Dad - 56,000
3) My Mum - 59,000
2) Satamer - 77,000
1) Me - 277,775! (Thanks to a few great shots at the turncoat ride as well as for pressing the Big Red Button)

Goodbye for now, Harry (and remember - we are definitely alone in the universe)

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