Monday, 31 August 2015

Comments: Hitman: Agent 47

I recently went to watch the reboot of the Hitman film franchise - Hitman: Agent 47 and was pleasantly surprised by it.
Now, first of all I must hasten to mention that I watched it from an almost completely un-biased viewpoint thanks to having never played the franchise (something I'm hoping to change pretty quickly) so please keep in mind that I am not comparing it to the games.

Right so, now that's out of the way, let's get onto the film itself! First of all, I felt that the action sequences were superb and, while the story had a few holes (probably due to it being based off of a game) the lore was intriguing and interesting and there were some interesting twists (...and some pretty obvious ones). And as for the acting... well, I thought that Agent 47 was played pretty well (for an emotionless character at least) and everyone else were quite good as well (other than the female lead who was a tad robotic - even more so than Agent 'I am a robot but not literally' 47).

Overall, it was a decent enough action movie that I would certainly recommend to people (although, I gather, only to those that haven't played the games) and one that has a lot to play with should there be future installments...

Goodbye for now, Harry

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