Sunday, 30 August 2015

Comments: Kobé Steakhouse - Ms. Pac Man

And now for the final Kobé comment! And it's time for the man himself... 's wife (at least I think they're married - she is a Ms. after all). That's right! It's time to enter the maze once more, this time with Ms. Pac Man.

Well, after practicing Pac Man quite a bit on my iPhone I hoped that I'd be at least slightly decent at this. 'Sigh' - what a fool I was. While I did manage to get to the second level (which I know is terrible, but still better than my attempts at the other games) and perform some pretty cool maneuvers (thank you AI ghosts!) I was quite disappointed at my overall performance and, while I know a man shouldn't blame his tools... it was (at least partly) the joystick's fault.

Don't get me wrong, the game itself was pretty good but the terribly unsensitive joystick left a lot to be desired. Now, I know that it's probably just about as sensitive as when the game originally came out (a time that I, unfortunately, missed due to my time coming a little later) but to my modern day hands that are used to controls reacting straight away it was... quite a problem.

But, hey like I said, it's still a pretty good game.

Goodbye for now, Harry


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